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PEX Card

PEX Card is defining a new category — the prepaid business credit card — which helps businesses organize and manage employee expenses.

A photo of a laptop computer with the PEXcard website on the screen

Services Provided:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Analytics and Optimization
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Copywriting
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • SEO
  • Email Strategy and Implementation
  • CRM Integration
  • Affiliate Management
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Display and Retargeting Media
  • UX/UI

PEX Card business prepaid card is an alternative to a traditional credit card. Part of Delphic's suite of marketing and technology services for PEX Card includes website analytics and optimization. As PEX Card's business is driven by online applications, Delphic marketing campaigns drive targeted, prospective customers to the website from a broad variety of digital channels. From there, we analyze visitor behavior and implement changes to streamline PEX Card's multi-step online sign-up flow with success being measured by an increase in conversion rates.

A screenshot of PEXcard flash banners
A screenshot of the PEXcard website

UX Strategy

Analyzing data from the existing sign-up flow process, we identified that the greater number of steps a customer completed in the initial sign-up flow and initial visit, the more likely they were to be approved and then begin using the card. Multiple visits to complete the application appeared to fatigue the new customer, and cost PEX valuable hours and resources. The data also revealed a disconnect between customers finishing the sign-up flow and beginning to use the card. The Delphic team connected this attrition to the multiple offline steps required for connecting the PEX account to the customer's bank account, which became an additional consideration when designing and planning our UX recommendations.

A screenshot of PEXcard flash banners
A screenshot of the PEXcard website

Solution & Results

By optimizing with data, Delphic helped PEX Card increase sign-up flow conversion by getting more of the right applicants to complete their application on their first visit. Reducing the number of steps and visits helped the customer get what they wanted more quickly, and reduced costs for the client.

Front-end and back-end upgrades were made to PEX Card's multi-step sign-up process. The front-end team updated the UI to a more modern, user-friendly design while Delphic's development team rebuilt the technical architecture to run more smoothly and to accommodate for future upgrades and optimization testing.

An important consideration in working with PEX Card were the requirements and regulations associated with financial products. All back-end architecture supports significant integrations with Salesforce and banking partners, while on-site consumer communication clarifies the necessary offline steps, without intimidating the new user.

The full cycle of the project took only six weeks, including initial analysis, re-architecture, design and implementation. The new process resulted in a 117% improvement in PEX Card conversion rates.

Delphic used data to identify conversion optimization opportunities in the sign-up flow