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American Standard

Repositioning An Iconic Brand: Modern, Stylish and Chic

American Standard on a Mac

The Challenge

Having the ability to evolve with the changing times is a hallmark of a successful brand, and after 150 years, American Standard Brands decided it was time for a big change. Their goal was to expand beyond bathrooms while also ensuring that their iconic brand could reach a younger, style-focused customer.

First, American Standard wanted a clean design-focused experience for its consumers that provided a sophisticated lifestyle focus. Second, they wanted to deliver a more relevant shopping experience to their professional customer base. In addition to wanting to find out how many professionals were visiting their site on average, they also wanted to ensure that once a professional was identified by the website, that they could then interact with products and information specifically geared towards their profession. In other words, the website needed to be personalized based on who was viewing it.

Our Approach

Knowing that American Standard was a leader in engineering and design, but was not being seen as an arbiter of style, we wanted to reposition them as a design and lifestyle brand. Their website was set up like a technical catalog, complete with product details and specs, but didn’t have the sleek, modern aesthetics characteristic of design experts. By incorporating more lifestyle images with vibrant photography, we wanted to change the perception of American Standard being JUST a mid-level toilet company to being a more design-focused home fixtures company, and expanding the brand reach from toilets to complete bathrooms and further into modern kitchens.

We also wanted to merge the existing pro sites with the new consumer site, to create one branded experience for every audience. Sitecore was the ideal platform to streamline the internal process of managing different marketing messages, as well as allow us to focus on personalizing the website for different personas. From plumbers, to architects, to wholesalers, Sitecore’s personalization engine, enabled us to set up various professional role profiles and build componentized functionality into the site. In turn, that allowed a user to self-identify with a role either through interacting with the front end site or logging into their ‘My Standard’ account.

The Results

Since the redesign, the customer experience has improved by repositioning the brand to be more style and design focused, being mindful of task-driven users, and extending the brand’s product offerings beyond toilets.

As a result of the redesign and improved UX, nearly 60% of traffic is from organic search and the site bounce rate has decreased by 7%. In addition, pages per session and average session duration have remained relatively flat, even with this increase in traffic.

Along with our personalization efforts and refreshed visual design, we also re-configured the site navigation and search functionality to give the American Standard site an updated user experience. We added a predictive global search feature, as well as added organized search results. Instead of wading through hundreds of related links to the user’s search term, search results are now broken out by product relevance, part relevance, specs and documentation relevance, and entire site relevance. Therefore, a plumber looking for a specific CAD file or instruction manual can now find that much more quickly. We're pleased to share that this project was the recipient of the Sitecore North America Experience Award for Best Use of Real-Time Engagement, for our partnership with American Standard Brands.

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