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Web Dev & Integration

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We’re not wed to any specific platform or technology – individuals and business processes are far more important than the specific tools and programming languages. Whether we’re building a custom system or implementing a packaged third party application, you can expect a deliverable that fits your needs and existing infrastructure.

Simple Architecture for Complex Problems

We’re not looking to solve problems that don’t exist, or architect overly elaborate solutions to simple problems. We won’t create mountains of documentation no one will read – easy to use software is the best documentation we’ll ever write. We’ll ask questions until we understand the problems, then we’ll create process models, wireframes, and ER diagrams to guide us the rest of the way. The final result will be a highly integrated, high performance system that gets the job done.

Process Flexibility

Software (especially on the web) is constantly changing. Similarly, your business requirements can be just as dynamic during the development process. We’ve adopted various Agile techniques into our SDLC so that your solution meets these changing requirements. Adjusting a path mid-flight to hit a moving target may sound like rocket science, but using Agile principles make it quite a bit easier – with a lot less math.  We do this by getting your feedback early and often and turning it into trackable action items that go straight to our developer teams.

Web Development & Integration

  • Application Maintenance

  • Web Integration

  • Data Migration

  • eCommerce

  • Managed Services

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