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Sitecore Certified Partner

Sitecore Experience Award 2015

Sitecore Marketing Agency

Sitecore is more than just a powerful CMS, it's an engagement platform that allows users to integrate the marketing services collectively known as the DMS or Digital Marketing System. As an agency, Delphic Digital specializes in DMS planning and DMS integration for companies already utilizing the Sitecore platform.

The reality is today's marketers have too many technology choices and picking the right one is essential to successful marketing. Those that have already implemented Sitecore now have more marketing options readily available in their existing Digital Stack. The question is how to make the most of it. Delphic will match up your business needs with the power of a DMS engagement platform and implement an integrated campaign. One that utilizes your current CMS with best of breed marketing tools that drive your customers, nurture your leads and bring a focused User Journey to every prospect and customer that visits your site.

Better Data, Better Marketing

The array of Sitecore marketing services offered is expanding with each new release of the platform, making the path to conversation a whole lot smarter.

The Sitecore DMS has core components including engagement analytics, persona development and targeting and campaign management all in one place. Any marketer knows that having clean data from click to conversion is key, which is why the Sitecore DMS is such a powerful tool. By managing campaigns and experiments within Sitecore, you can optimize and refine marketing efforts based on user behavior onsite. Custom content, messaging and landing pages are all triggered based on dynamic rules set up in the DMS.

Customized User Experiences

Marketing automation, lead management, personalization and reporting are also included in the Sitecore marketing services. The DMS stores all user interactions with your website, marketing collateral and online marketing campaigns to provide an optimized conversion funnel user by user. The Delphic Digital team will establish predefined personas, optimal paths and unique automation plans that utilize all facets of the DMS to improve user experience, and most importantly, your bottom line.

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