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Search Engine Optimization

Between search engine algorithm updates, changes in online behavior practices and other factors, Search Engine Optimization is an ever-evolving asset in your digital marketing toolbox.

Whether you have a current SEO strategy in place or are just beginning to explore the benefits of elevating your online visibility, Delphic's SEO team can evaluate your current exposure to identify weaknesses and opportunities. Read on to discover how we achieve SEO Ka-pow for our clients.

SEO Foundation

A solid SEO foundation is critical for driving the success of your comprehensive search engine optimization efforts. Whether our creative and development teams have built your web experience, or your existing website is in need of optimization to garner additional exposure, Delphic's SEO team offers the technical skills to ensure your website's structure has a solid foundation in place to ensures the maximum impact for your digital assets.

From determining structures for subdirectory, subfolders and subdomains to analyzing crawlability (yup, it's a word we actually say. A lot.), indexing and website page speed, our SEO audits are comprehensive and leave no stone unturned.  

Once the foundation analysis and recommendations are completed, our SEO team then works with you to determine the appropriate implementation plan. This depends on your internal resources as well as budget; Delphic can manage your SEO efforts and provide ongoing reporting, or Delphic can work in partnership with your in-house team that will ultimately execute the SEO recommendations.

Regardless of what responsibilities fall on which client or agency parties, Delphic's approach to SEO is to first focus on building a solid foundation to improve the success - and value - of all other SEO efforts.  

Competitive Landscape

As part of our holistic approach and data-driven SEO practice, Delphic does extensive research to define where you stand in the organic search market so you know how to measure your ROI.  We look at several factors such as keywords to target, the number of searches conducted online in your space every month and by season, possible and current market share and, finally, competitive tactics.  Once you know where you're starting, we can help get you to where you want to be. (And have your customers meet you there.)

Content Optimization

Peanut butter and jelly, tea and biscuits, Hall and Oates, and SEO and content are all matches destined to last a lifetime. With our digital producer's insights Delphic's SEO team deconstructs content ideas into audience segments, keyword targeting, meta data optimization and image optimization so you can hook your visitors. The in-house creative team then sets to work developing engaging content - from targeted copywriting to award-winning infographic designs - that will have your readers scrolling, clicking and sharing, and keep them coming back for more.  

Off-site Optimization

Delphic Digital also offers a variety of off-site search engine optimization services, including: link acquisition, content marketing, social sharing, Knowledge Graph building. Please reach out to us directly to discuss any additional off-site SEO efforts you may be interested in or have used previously.

Local SEO

Location, location, location.  Both singular local businesses and national brands with franchises throughout the country recognize the impact of having visibility in their local community.  Delphic's SEO team is also attuned to this important facet of search engine optimization and has the experience to prove it.  

Local SEO has its own set of rules and optimization, so you'll notice that a geographic-specific SEO plan we develop and implement for your website will be more detailed and specific to attract the quality local customers you want. The team uses off-site optimizations of Google Business Listings, citations, NAP citations and local link building, as well as onsite optimizations of content and structured markup to develop a singular strategy that will earn local rankings in the local carousel, local map and all the blended results.

SEO Trends and Developments

From Google Algorithm updates to the newest developments in the knowledge graph, Delphic's SEO team keeps their ears to the tracks for sounds of the latest updates, trends and opportunities.  We're also methodical in our approach, ensuring that your site and strategy are on a solid foundation that won't be rocked by Google updates. And we're constantly testing out theories of victory from new developments (such as structured markup and Google Authorship) to ensure the promise of change comes with actual long-term benefit.


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