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Paid Search Marketing Services

The Delphic Digital Marketing team understands that the success of any Paid Search account starts with understanding and identifying the goals and audience for your business. These pieces are crucial to the development of campaign structure, as they dictate who and how we target searchers. We establish what a "conversion" means to your business (e.g., a sale, lead, registration, visit, etc.) and place value on each conversion (e.g., goal cost per lead, return on ad spend, etc.). Now we have our Who and our What - it's time to build the How.

To lay the groundwork of your Paid Search campaign, our marketing team will conduct a full audit, which includes a review of account settings, campaign and ad group structure, negative keyword strategy, bid strategy, creative and ad copy, landing pages and tracking. We also review the competitive landscape to identify opportunities to redirect visitors to your site. Finally, we will develop and present to you an optimization and management plan that shows how we will achieve the coordinated goals.

Like what you see? Then we're ready to start getting your message in front of searchers. But not just anybody using a search bar - our extensive background research pays off by narrowing the field to get you in front of quality prospects.

Delphic's Digital Marketing Department is Google AdWords Certified, Google Analytics Certified and Microsoft Ads Certified.

The Delphic Approach

Our approach to paid search management is to create efficient campaigns that effectively guide queries to the most appropriately matched keywords, relevant ad copy and landing pages.  Every campaign serves a specific purpose toward achieving your goals, and we continuously mine for new keywords and negatives to ensure you receive quality traffic.

We segment ad groups and manage bids by match-type with a focus on exact, phrase and broad modification for the most relevant targeting. We also utilize broad match when feasible for awareness and keyword expansion. We optimize bids to find the best balance between ad position and conversions, always keeping CPA/ROI at top of mind. Where volume allows, we will also take advantage of automated bid rules either directly in AdWords or in other paid search management tools for more frequent optimization.

Most importantly, we always keep the end goal in mind. A sale with a low Average Order Value (AOV) may not drive a profitable ROI, and an invalid lead or sale is not worth anything to our clients.

Management and Optimization

Our marketing team members value manual review and make sure to review our accounts daily. We also utilize the heavy-lifting capabilities of management tools/automated features. The frequency of optimization is dependent on the newness, longevity and goals of a campaign. We create and schedule automatic internal reports that call out key metrics and changes. Ultimately, ongoing optimization decisions are based on budget constraints and performance goals. We develop optimization schedules, identifying conditional "red flags" and "wins" that help us make sure each campaign is operating efficiently and to its full potential within goals and restrictions.

Contingent upon the size of a campaign and performance goals, we also utilize a number of different rules within the search platform, which handle optimization automatically such as bidding rules, programmatic conversion optimization, and bid-modifiers (e.g., based on certain terms, regions, day of the week, etc.). Our team has experience with top-tier bid management platforms such as Acquisio, Marin and Kenshoo.

Management Tactics

  • Ongoing bid adjustments and management
  • Campaign management against budget and performance targets
  • Ad copy creation, testing and revision
  • Landing page testing and optimization
  • Search query report review to identify new keyword opportunities and negative keyword exclusions
  • New campaign builds based on trends and query reports
  • Quality score audits to ensure optimal ad ranking
  • Impression share reporting to evaluate market share by keyword theme

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