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Digital Marketing

What Else?

Sure, you know you should do search marketing, but what about Twitter, blogging, YouTube and the bazillion other options you have with online marketing? Sorting through the noise (and hype) to get to the activities that make sense for your organization can be daunting. We can help.

Form Your Core 

Search engine marketing, via organic (SEO) and/or paid advertising (PPC), email and ongoing website optimization form the minimum foundation for most organizations. These items usually represent the low hanging fruit that provide the best return on the online marketing dollar. And once set, they provide a solid platform to expand outward with greater impact and gain greater impact from multi-channel lead generation and other digital marketing efforts.

Creative Campaigns

Online marketing by itself or in conjunction with offline efforts like direct mail or advertising can really raise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Coordinated tactics like landing pages, media buys, microsites, Facebook apps and webinars can reach and engage your community. And when used with a strategic multi-channel lead generation campaign, you can be sure you’re attracting the right audience.

Community Building

Marketing today is about two way communication — conversations and community building. Gone are disruptive techniques and the one-way push of information. Finding ways to engage and build your community, not only on your web properties, but where they live, work and play is essential. Social Media is on the downward side of the hype cycle and settling in as a legitimate part of the online marketing toolkit.

Track It

Options for online marketing are endless, but most organization’s budgets and resources are not (definitely call us if yours is!). You need to know what’s working, what’s not and how to re-prioritize your efforts based on that information. We’ll work within your infrastructure to identify the tools that not only gather data to measure effectiveness, but shed light on the path to ongoing prioritization and improvements.

Digital Marketing

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