• 4 Advantages to using MongoDB in Sitecore

    Sitecore announced recently that they will be utilizing MongoDB as the backend store for the Sitecore Experience Database. This move brings a lot of power and flexibility to how data is collected and stored. Read on to find out more! For developers, MongoDB is a great choice for this platform. Here’s why: Sharding – Storing […]

  • Sitecore Site of the Year Award: Take 2

    Delphic has done it again. For the second year running, we’ve been awarded Sitecore’s “Site of the Year Award” – this time, for Best Mobile Solution for our client Sunrise Senior Living. We developed this large site in Responsive Design to give their growing senior audience a better user experience while navigating with their tablets […]

  • Sitecore and Code Reusability

    As a software developer, I always relish in that moment when I realize that a client’s request for functionality can be fulfilled using some code that I’ve already written (we developers call this “reusability”). My first step with any new project is to determine whether the functionality goal fits in the same abstract mold as […]

  • Cooking with Sitecore DMS: Custom Conditions and Rules

    It’s your favorite chef, back again. Today we’re going to review one of the more challenging recipes out there – the Sitecore DMS. The Sitecore DMS engine can be a scary thing. With so many pieces to work with, even the smallest challenges can have a lot of work involved. The DMS comes with a […]

  • How to Unpublish Pages in Sitecore

    As marketers, sometimes we create a webpage that’s not yet ready for “prime time.” Or sometimes we don’t want a page that’s been published to appear on the front-end of our website any longer (like pages promoting expired quarterly marketing campaigns, for example). Both of these wants can be easily satisfied with a few simple […]

  • Cooking with Sitecore Spotlights: Part 2

    It’s your favorite Chef, back again! Last time, we were talking about Sitecore’s recommended use of a Sublayout’s Data Source field and how we use it to render spotlights. Today, I’m going to show you how to build on Sitecore’s blocks to make something more useful for your particular solution. While it’s nice to be […]

  • Cooking with Sitecore Spotlights

    Here at Delphic they call me “Chef.” I don’t cook (that well) in my personal life, but I sure do whip up some sweet recipes for success here at work. Today, it’s all about Sitecore’s Data Source field on Sublayout controls. Sitecore designed this field to be used to point a sublayout to a specific […]