Chloe Yeung

by Chloe Yeung

Oh no, here we go again. Another Google algorithm update has just been released, Panda 4.0.

Optimizing for local has become one of the major digital marketing themes. Local targeting and messaging is a crucial piece of maximizing each dollar you spend, and can offer intended prospects a more personalized user experience.

Google has progressively made changes over the past few years to local search results displays, from rolling out Local Carousels to reviews displayed in company knowledge graphs to all the changing inclusion or display of the local pack of results in SERPs.  With all its new additions and updates, the path to businesses showing up in these coveted positions is no less clear.  Still, there is no doubt that showing up in local searches is incredibly important.   Google Insights reports that 45% of mobile searches are goal oriented and 55% of mobile searches lead to an action within 1 hour. 

Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey

We've all seen those powerpoint presentations - 70+ slides on your digital marketing strategy for the next year. We've all sat through those meetings - 4+ hours of a dry, dull, state-of-the-state review of where you're at and where you're going, with every data point, minute tactical detail, and unnecessary supporting graphic included. People tend to zone out 20 minutes into these meetings, and nobody ends up remembering that gigantic powerpoint you worked so hard to put together. There's too much bulk and not enough bite - too much fluff and not enough action. Or sometimes...too much action.

Josh Finkelstein

by Josh Finkelstein

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, you might have blinked in confusion earlier this month when there were rumors circulating about keyword and query data going away in Google Analytics. As many SEO practitioners have learned the hard way, Google can - and will take features away at their discretion. The ensuing debate following the removal of search-query data from organic listings is still alive and well, so it is easy to see how this fresh round of paid-search rumors have also struck a major nerve.

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