by Courtney

We all know the trends of the summer were bright neons and graphic prints but don't forget those Gmail tabs. Love ‘em or not, as email marketers, we can't ignore them. While reports continue to roll out about their effects, they may not be the end to our craft. Still, Gmail Tabs force us to think beyond our traditional email marketing. As marketers who fall under the new "Promotions" tab, how do we stand out among the others? Well, I came across several great emails that recognized the update and helped answer this question:

You have more competitors than ever in today's attention economy. With such a short window for capturing your online visitor's attention, you must be laser focused on delivering the desired result before an unexpected bell and whistle comes barging in. And if this weren't hard enough already, many times our first step is to tell the customer what they want - and then deliver.

Happy Friday! We're sad to see summer go, but fall is officially here, which means pumpkin beer and football at Delphic. Here are a few interesting articles to celebrate the new season.

TGI to the F. Another busy and exciting week has just about passed here at Delphic. Here are some links that stood out to me in Feedly and Zite:


by Greta

Introducing Lauren McFalls – she's a Penn State Alum and a serious player when it comes to E-commerce clients. Let's learn more about her, shall we...

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