Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey

We've all seen those powerpoint presentations - 70+ slides on your digital marketing strategy for the next year. We've all sat through those meetings - 4+ hours of a dry, dull, state-of-the-state review of where you're at and where you're going, with every data point, minute tactical detail, and unnecessary supporting graphic included. People tend to zone out 20 minutes into these meetings, and nobody ends up remembering that gigantic powerpoint you worked so hard to put together. There's too much bulk and not enough bite - too much fluff and not enough action. Or sometimes...too much action.

Josh Finkelstein

by Josh Finkelstein

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, you might have blinked in confusion earlier this month when there were rumors circulating about keyword and query data going away in Google Analytics. As many SEO practitioners have learned the hard way, Google can - and will take features away at their discretion. The ensuing debate following the removal of search-query data from organic listings is still alive and well, so it is easy to see how this fresh round of paid-search rumors have also struck a major nerve.

I recently went to a Philly Tech Week event that was hosted by The Marks Group. They discussed how technologies are constantly changing and it may be difficult for some people to keep up with them. Here are the trends and topics that were discussed by The Marks Group, many of which might prove to be vital for your company.

Personalization. If you shop online at major retailers or have an account with Netflix, you probably already know what it is - it's the "Because You Purchased" section below the stuff you're currently looking at, or the list of movies you'll like because you watched Muppets Take Manhattan (don't judge, it's a great movie!). A more technical definition: personalization involves using tools like Sitecore's DMS to display content on a website that is directly related to what a user would like to see - based on analytics criteria like location, current or past user behavior, or an action that the user took before they even got to your website.

Nicole Hess

by Nicole Hess

As new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) become available, many business and Internet marketing agencies are contemplating the possible benefits of utilizing a new gTLD to create a second version of their site. Is this beneficial from an SEO standpoint?

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