Chloe Yeung

by Chloe Yeung

Twitter transformed the pound symbol, or number sign, into a "hashtag" and completely revolutionized social media.

The benefits of structured markup for SEO have long been lauded, though often without much concrete details. After conducting a test we're able to pinpoint some correlations of markup and organic search ranking improvements. Also provided context and details for why structured markup is valuable (beyond rankings) and how it should be done.

In the first "Localize It" Paid Search blog series, I offered recommendations on how to evaluate your business needs to begin creating or optimizing toward a "localized" paid search account structure. Just in case you didn't memorize Part 1, below is a brief recap: 

Q&A with Delphic Digital's Director of Marketing, Josh Finkelstein. Watch the video to find out Josh's thoughts on international marketing, tips for a marketing beginner, and his favorite spots in Philadelphia.

Who has time to wait around these days?  We want it all and we want it now.  From standing in line at theme parks to loading websites, there's many solutions to make it so we don't have to wait.  Don't keep your website visitors waiting for your page to load, optimize your images for faster delivery.

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