Video games are no longer the realm of teenage boys confined to basements. With access to games in our pockets via smartphone, on our nightstands via tablet, and on our Facebook wall via high-school classmates and distant relatives, we're all a click away from being gamers. One billion Angry Birds downloads tells us that quite a few other demographics are now turning their eyes, and thumbs, toward video games.

Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey

Usability testing is a great way to determine how an audience uses a website. It helps answer questions like: Can users learn the site efficiently? Is the website memorable? Are there unknown user errors? What's the level of satisfaction with the site? A usability test will enlighten us Marketers, Designers, and Developers on user experience like none other. Here are some tips on executing a usability test to help answer these questions.

Mark Patten

by Mark Patten

W3 AwardI’m thrilled to share that the International Academy of Visual Arts has recognized the Delphic team for their hard work on the Sunrise Senior Living responsive design website project.  

At Delphic we talk a lot with our clients about parameters for defining success. Page views, click-throughs, conversions, shares — and of course revenue — easily let our clients measure the results of Delphic’s digital marketing efforts. We believe that the first step toward creating that success comes from hiring talented people who are passionate about their fields of expertise.

This week's digital highlights give a shoutout to the copywriters. We know content is king (or queen), so let's take a peek at some of the insights and practices web writers use to hold viewers' attention. Whether you're handling the writing responsibilities for your business, or looking to understand content marketing, you'll love these links.

On September 23, Google flipped a switch making all Google searches secure, even if the searcher is logged in to a Google account.

What does this mean? Well, for the SEOs and analytics junkies this means that all incoming organic keyword data from Google will now be shown as "(not provided)".

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