In 2013, Google began encrypting a higher percentage of searches with their migration to secure search, hiding organic keyword data whenever a search is done via secure search. As a result, more branded and non-branded terms have been grouped into a (Not Provided) bucket in Google Analytics. With less available data, Not Provided has been a thorn in every SEO's side and we now have to change the way we think about keyword data and reporting SEO efforts to our clients. The SEO community has come up with a few ways to combat this inconvenience, including getting data from Bing! and Yahoo or paid search, but there's another way to do this - through website content.

Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey
These days it's all about content marketing, which is nothing new, really - it's long been understood that quality content helps drive quality visitors and increase conversions. Great marketers are thinking beyond just content marketing to giving users different content based on their expressed interests on a website. This will increase the likelihood that they'll stay on the site longer, convert faster, and maybe even return repeatedly. Serve up that personalized content through personas.

A quick reference guide for passing the GAIQ Test

Lance Hollander

by Lance Hollander

I have clients that send so much email that the people who have opted in and are most interested in their brand don't even have time to read them. I have other clients that are not reaching out to customers often enough. The question I always get is, "How do you determine the right balance of email sends?" The answer used to be simple... until email got more complex with Marketing Automation.

Nicole Hess

by Nicole Hess

For years now, content has been considered the "king" of Internet marketing. The strategy started with writing pages and including keywords, evolved into including keywords on press releases, and then moved towards writing short blog posts on the targeted keyword and sharing across social media networks. That was a content strategy fit for a king.

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