It's a fairly common problem for advertisers - a tight digital marketing budget with little room for overages. So what can marketers do to optimize their budget and make sure every penny is spent efficiently? For those using Google Adwords for their search engine marketing (SEM), Google provides you with a wide range of options that allows you to use your budget on your terms to manage those paid search campaigns.

Tips and Tricks to Stretch Your Google Adwords Budget

Should You Say Goodbye to Guest Blogging as an SEO Tactic?

Guest blogging was once a respected way to receive valuable insights from reputable sources. In some cases, it still can be. However, the practice of guest blogging for SEO and link building purposes has become increasingly spammy over time and is no longer a recommended source of links.

Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey

Good Marketer know that it's not just about what exists on a website right now. It's about what can be changed to make it better - from a conversion perspective, or a user experience perspective, or both. A great way to get to the "better" is through A/B testing, and with tons of software solutions and methodologies out there today, there's really no excuse not to.

I recently watched the new Star Trek movie Into the Darkness. At one point in the movie, the Enterprise entered Warp Drive hoping to escape. The ship sped through space with the confidence that the old -but tried and true - tactic would save them yet again (this is going somewhere, I promise). They were shocked to get a shot across their stern from the pursuing ship with a new type of drive (apologies to Star Trek aficionados for likely butchering the differences between warp and hyper drive). This scenario reminded me of the state of many of today's marketers - relying on old tactics and then being caught unexpectedly from behind.

Warp Drive Your Way to Agile Digital Marketing

Erin Simmons

by Erin Simmons

Google Analytics recently rolled out a new and improved user interface. At first glance, I cursed Google for ripping me from the comforts I came to love. Traffic Sources and Content were old friends of mine. Who the heck are these Acquisition and Behavior characters? After about a solid 30 seconds of boycotting GA due to label changes, I got suckered back in and started clicking around. I was instantly sold. The changes made here are a tough love push by Google to force users to start thinking outside the box of visits and standard web metrics. Google is shoving the start-to-finish picture in your face and saying, "If you want to use our product, you will start thinking about your analytics this way, and you will become a better marketer."

So let's get down to it...

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