Delphic Digital attended the annual C3 Conductor SEO Conference in NYC this past week to hear from industry leaders in Search Marketing and Optimization and to remain on the forefront of industry developments. As our field is increasing its face-time in meetings of C-Suite Executives, it's on us on the ground to make it worth their time to discuss in the first place. Conductor's C3 Conference was designed to provide both inspirational talking points, real-world implementation examples, and tips for digital marketers of all levels to give us marketers the tools to stay on the frontlines of search trends and marketing strategies.

Kate Dalbey

by Kate Dalbey

We've all seen those powerpoint presentations - 70+ slides on your digital marketing strategy for the next year. We've all sat through those meetings - 4+ hours of a dry, dull, state-of-the-state review of where you're at and where you're going, with every data point, minute tactical detail, and unnecessary supporting graphic included. People tend to zone out 20 minutes into these meetings, and nobody ends up remembering that gigantic powerpoint you worked so hard to put together. There's too much bulk and not enough bite - too much fluff and not enough action. Or sometimes...too much action.

The winter months can be long and gray but a fun project always seems to shed some light on those dreadful seasonal blues.

Responsive Design Launch: Sunrise Senior Living, UK

2014 Book of ListsPhiladelphia Business Journal has ranked Delphic Digital #13 in their Top Systems Integrators list for 2014. See their full ranking list.

Lance Hollander

by Lance Hollander

I have clients that send so much email that the people who have opted in and are most interested in their brand don't even have time to read them. I have other clients that are not reaching out to customers often enough. The question I always get is, "How do you determine the right balance of email sends?" The answer used to be simple... until email got more complex with Marketing Automation.

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