Isheeta Shah

by Isheeta Shah

As a kid, I loved to sort the books in my bookshelf in alphabetical order based on the author's last name. CDs and DVDs were also alphabetized. My clothes were always sorted by garment type, and then, by color. In my mind, everything had a system in which to be organized. As I got older, I used this approach when it came to school work - clearly cataloging notes and study guides throughout college. But my real moment of organizational glory?  Planning my wedding. You better believe I had an accordion filing system to keep track of all of the contracts and documents I accumulated. My wedding planner actually told me that I was the most organized bride she had ever worked with...and it made my heart skip a beat. I know, I's pretty nerdy. But for me, there's just something soothing about taking a pile of chaos and corralling it into neat - and meaningful - order. It's safe to say that this affinity for organization has spilled over into my work here at Delphic.

Alix Furjanic

by Alix Furjanic

Choosing the Best Dressed at the Oscars last night is proving to be just as difficult as it must have been for the Academy to pick just one Best Picture. These stars prepare for this moment for weeks, and it's not just them - it's an entire team that helps them to prepare for what could be the defining moment of their careers. Having a rock star team behind you is crucial when it comes wowing the Academy. In fact, watching the Oscars got me thinking: just like movie stars, companies also need a strong team behind them when becoming a frontrunner in their own industry. To show you what I mean, here are just some of the parallels between a Hollywood team and a digital marketing team that help you in gaining the edge over your competition.   

Did you know that we listen to people at a rate of 125-250 words per minute, but think at a rate of 1,000-3,000 words per minute? We're so busy thinking about the next thing we might want to mention, the next question on our brain, the twenty other items on our to-do list for the day and anything else that might pop up in our busy brains that we're not really paying attention to what we're hearing. We're not hearing the excitement or frustration in our client's tone. We're not hearing the consequences to a quick decision. We won't really hear any of these other factors unless we stop to take a minute and really focus on the conversation.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being involved in the launch of a Sitecore 7.5 site for one of Delphic Digital's clients.  From that launch, I gathered a few tips that can be helpful for other sites going to launch on Sitecore 7.5.  I don't think any of the below warrants their own blog posts, but I also think they're all important enough not to be missed.  So, even though they're not necessarily related in any manner, I'm going to throw them all into this post with the hopes that it will help to save people time in the future. 

Amanda Muncy

by Amanda Muncy

Much like dating, the pool of digital possibilities makes it difficult to play favorites: How, for the love of Link Bait, are you expected to choose just one? Well, we here at Delphic mingle at the crux of a hopeless romance, believing that star-crossed lovers do indeed stand a fighting chance. Ergo, could it be true that a single digital discovery has the potential to bring volts of beauty and hypnotic inspiration to your day? Perhaps it's the i to your Mac, the Calamity to your Jane, the plugin to you cache...    

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