Ahh yes, the holidays. The time of year when people come together with family and friends, reflect on the past year and of course, cut out paper snowflakes. 

Steven Nguyen

by Steven Nguyen

Bing Ads has been making major updates and tweaks to their platform over the past six months, and just a few months ago Bing rolled out their new platform interface and other features. I'm sure a lot of digital marketers were excited about the new features and curious how the new updated interface would feel. 

When Google Chrome first launched (yes, way back in 2008) did you geek out when you saw how fast it was? It was great right? Then you checked out how it worked to make it so fast and presented to you was AngularJS.

Brooke Kelly

by Brooke Kelly

Boy, how time flies! I can't believe Thanksgiving is nearly here - it seems like just yesterday that we were making bold predictions about 2014, and now here we are, almost at the end of it. While not all of the various 2014 prophecies have come true (but hey, there's still a month to go!), a lot has happened already this year that those of us here at Delphic Digital are incredibly grateful for and excited about. Therefore, in honor of Thanksgiving 2014, we'd like to share with you The Top 5 Things Delphic Digital is Thankful For, 2014 Edition. So, without further ado... 

Nicole Hess

by Nicole Hess

Cat's out of the bag.  The world knows your secret.  The secret that you haven't invested in creating a mobile-friendly site. 

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