When I logged into the good old Google Analytics platform this morning, I was greeted with yet another Google change:

Visits in Google Analytics are now Sessions.
Unique Visitors in Google Analytics are now Users.

Quality Assurance: the ever important practice of making sure things work. Where QA lacks the innovative experimentation and flashy creativity of development and design, or the leadership of project management, it makes up for in consistency, organization, and the incredibly rewarding feeling of knowing, with complete confidence, when the final product is ready for the client. For those of us who are detail oriented, obsessively methodized, and really good at thinking outside the box (or as I prefer to say, "coming up with ways to break things"), QA is the perfect role. (You know who you are.)

I recently went to a Philly Tech Week event that was hosted by The Marks Group. They discussed how technologies are constantly changing and it may be difficult for some people to keep up with them. Here are the trends and topics that were discussed by The Marks Group, many of which might prove to be vital for your company.


by Jason
The Heartbleed Bug struck the internet this week, but it was festering for two years before even being detected or reported. This is a major flaw, as Bruce Schneier put it, with its severity being an 11 out of 10. Read on to find out a bit more about it.

Personalization. If you shop online at major retailers or have an account with Netflix, you probably already know what it is - it's the "Because You Purchased" section below the stuff you're currently looking at, or the list of movies you'll like because you watched Muppets Take Manhattan (don't judge, it's a great movie!). A more technical definition: personalization involves using tools like Sitecore's DMS to display content on a website that is directly related to what a user would like to see - based on analytics criteria like location, current or past user behavior, or an action that the user took before they even got to your website.

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