Kevin Renton

by Kevin Renton

In my role as head of talent acquisition for Delphic Digital, you could say that I listen to candidates' stories for a living. And because enabling our clients to tell their own stories over multiple digital platforms also happens to be one of Delphic Digital's main goals as a company, I've become rather interested in this whole storytelling topic in general.

Brooke Kelly

by Brooke Kelly

Here at Delphic, we tend to follow the general life philosophy of "work hard, play hard" - or, in the case of our most recent Delphic outing - "work hard, get terrified!"

Chloe Yeung

by Chloe Yeung

Many of you are familiar with the Knowledge Graph. It's that box that appears on the right side of Google or Bing when you search for something. There's handy information, a map, reviews, and photos. This is extremely useful for the user to get a quick snapshot of a popular business or location, but optimizing Knowledge Graphs can be pretty tricky. We know we're able to influence the Knowledge Graph information with Google+, Wikipedia, and that other public database - Freebase, however, some changes are discussed less frequently, such as how to manipulate Knowledge Graph images. 

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 17, 2014 - Manayunk based digital marketing agency, Delphic Digital has acquired the talent of Sitecore MVP Jamie Stump. Jamie has been in the technical consulting realm for over seven years and was named as Sitecore MVP in both 2013 and 2014.

Delphic Digital attended the annual C3 Conductor SEO Conference in NYC this past week to hear from industry leaders in Search Marketing and Optimization and to remain on the forefront of industry developments. As our field is increasing its face-time in meetings of C-Suite Executives, it's on us on the ground to make it worth their time to discuss in the first place. Conductor's C3 Conference was designed to provide both inspirational talking points, real-world implementation examples, and tips for digital marketers of all levels to give us marketers the tools to stay on the frontlines of search trends and marketing strategies.

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