YouTube Now Second-largest Search Site

In the Oct 20, 2008 issue of Ad Age, it was announced that YouTube is now the second largest search site at 2.6 billion searches in August (they overtook Yahoo at 2.4 billion searches). Although this doesn’t come close to Google’s dominance of the search category (7.6 billion), it does raise some interesting questions about the value of niche search sites.  When people are searching strictly for videos – they are turning to to get their info. Most of these searches are regarding entertainment; and the gaming and movie industries are buying up ad space featured under “promotional videos”. But I also found some interesting microsites for companies you wouldn’t necessarily expect including: Bank of America ( and University of Phoenix ( Lessons learned: YouTube is definitely a player in the search space. In addition to Facebook applications, your PPC campaign, blogs and other social media – consider not only posting your videos/ads on but also creating content driven microsites for your paid ad listings to engage users with your product.  Afterall, 2.6 billion people are searching every month…


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