You Might Be Looking at Your Sitelinks Data All Wrong

Have you ever created sitelinks and wanted to see how your sitelinks were performing? Did you just go to the Ad Extensions tab, selected Sitelinks Extensions in the View drop down menu, and just used whatever data you saw? Then you’ve been looking at the data all wrong!

Sitelinks No Segmentation.png(not segmented)

The data you first see when you select Sitelinks Extensions is not actually sitelink data.  The data you see is actually aggregated data of the sitelinks and text ads.  For example, if you see 55 clicks, 300 impressions, and 4 converted clicks, then numbers you are seeing are actually for the whole text ad and not the sitelink.  That ad and sitelinks received 55 clicks, 300 impressions, and 4 converted clicks whether users clicked on the text ad or on any of the other sitelinks that showed.

Maybe you figured that out or already knew that the data was not what you were looking for, but couldn’t figure out how to find the data you wanted.  Good news: there are actually two kinds of sitelink data and both are easy to pull from Adwords.  

If you want to see how all of your sitelinks are doing compared to your text ad, all you have to do is go to the Segment drop down menu and select Click Type.  

Sitelinks Click Type.png

The data shown when you are in this view compares the text to all of the sitelinks as a whole.  Google Adwords groups all of the sitelinks together, so the numbers you are looking at are for all sitelinks and a text ad.  The Headline row is showing you the text ad data while the Sitelinks row is showing grouped sitelink data.  You might now be wondering: if all the data is grouped together, then why does some of the sitelinks’ data not match? The answer is, Google Adwords rotates your sitelinks or may not show all of your sitelinks at once, so there will be some differences in data between your sitelinks.

Sitelinks Click Type 2.png(segmented by Click Type)

Now if you want to find an individual sitelink’s data, all you have to do is select This Extension vs. Other instead of Click Type in the Segments drop down menu.  

Sitelinks This Extension vs Other.png

Here, Adwords will provide you with an individual sitelink’s data, and all you have to look at is the This Extension row.  The row that says Other is data for all other extensions and the text ad excluding that individual sitelink.

Sitelinks This Extension vs Other 2.png(segmented by individual extension)

Sitelinks is a great Adwords feature that catches a user’s attention and can generate more leads for you.  So whether you’ve been getting the sitelink data you’ve wanted all along or you’ve been looking at the wrong data the whole time, Delphic Digital would love to hear your thoughts!

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