Writing CTAs that Convert

The single most important element on your landing page is the call to action – it’s where a visitor either bounces or converts. Sure, the placement, size, and color of a button all play their roles in helping your visitor find the button, but the actual moment of truth comes when they either click on it or don’t. Choosing the right word or words for your CTA can mean the difference between success and failure.Naturally you’ll be doing split testing to determine what call to action actually results in action.

Here are some tips for writing CTA’s that convert:

Provide value.

The emphasis shouldn’t be on what visitors need to do, but what they’ll get from doing it. Try “Get newsletter” instead of “Sign up here,” or “Get a free e-book” instead of “Download now.”

Make it relevant.

Generic CTAs will not perform as well as specific CTAs. You need to figure out what the customer’s motivation is on that particular landing page. Since you’ll be setting up multiple landing pages for different banner ads, Adword campaigns, and email promotions, the answer to that question may be different – sometimes very different – on every landing page.

Whatever the visitor is there for, word the CTA in a way that makes it clear that clicking on the button is the way to get it. Try CTAs like “Find a location,” “Save money now,” or “Get a free quote,” instead of “Submit,” “Buy,” or “Click.”

What’s the magic word?

There’s no way to know without testing, so try several variations. Do your visitors prefer to “Request info,” “Get info,” or “Receive info”? Should they “Ask” or “Inquire” about your limited-time offer? Click to “Get your free sample” or “Get a free sample”? It depends on the nature of your business and the demographics of your customer base, so try – and carefully test – all the iterations to find out which is most effective.

Since your call to action is only a word or three long, it’s critical that you choose that word, or those words, carefully.

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