Why Responsive Web Design Is The New Black

Customers can create their own web experience using tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops. Businesses of all sizes must now look at ways to make their websites more accessible to the audiences they serve. Responsive web design is very much the new black. It can be considered that for a number of reasons.

Perfect for every type of business

Every business in every industry can benefit from a site that is designed using responsive web design concepts. Consumers are more reliant on the Internet for researching products and services. When the person wants to know more about a brand, the Internet search is the most common route to find that information. Every business or brand should be prepared to be researched online at some point.

Perfect for every type of device

Customers have a need for flexibility. They may surf the Internet using the smart phone or decide to use the tablet instead to surf the web. They want to be able to access any important piece of information using any type of device they desire. The responsive web design approach is about meeting customer’s Internet usage preferences.

Consistent user experience

Consumers don’t typically consider the challenges that come with accessing a website on a different platform. Major retailers and brands have all been able to create a consistent user experience for those accessing their sites on different devices. Being able to consistently access a website from any device is something consumers have come to expect.

Complete access to all content available

People have grown quite accustomed to being able to see everything a site has to offer when using different devices to access a particular site. They don’t distinguish between the limitations of certain platforms or worry about the specifications; they just expect to be able to perform the same functions using a similar method on a mobile device or PC. They expect to have the same level of access to content when accessing the site.

Uniform upgrade and maintenance

Uniform upgrades are another advantage of responsive web design. When there is a need for a website to be updated, only one update is performed. Every time the site is accessed, the upgrades and other site changes are made instantaneously, a major timesaver for the typical business.

Responsive web design is very much the new black. Every business, regardless of their industry, must have access to a reliable, consistent, uniform user experience on every device that is used to access the website. This design method promotes productivity and is cost-effective for most businesses since the site can be maintained with fewer resources.

Michael Wood has written many blogs on the topic of responsive design and regularly contributes to sites such as Web Design Dudes and Web Blogger.

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