Why Do Customers Want to Hear From Your Brand?

There are strong similarities between the reasons that customers sign up for email updates and the reasons they “like” a company or organization on Facebook. The most important reason for both is that people are looking for bargains, according to a recent online survey of 1,481 consumers.

Specifically, 58 percent of email subscribers and 41 percent of Facebook “likers” sign up to receive discounts and special offers. In a closely related answer, the number two reason is to take part in a specific promotion.

Here are the full results:

Receive discounts and special offers
Take part in a specific promotion
I’m a customer/supporter
Gain access to exclusive content
Desire to stay informed on an ongoing basis
Support a business/nonprofit I like
email subscribers
Facebook “likers”

You’ll notice that despite the different percentages, the rankings of both lists are very similar. Clearly, customers are looking for a reason — or reasons — to sign up to hear from you. Just being a company they like isn’t enough for them to “like” you.

Once you do have followers, make sure you don’t bombard them with too much information. When asked why they unsubscribe from an email list or “unlike” a company, the top reason was “too many notifications/emails” — 69 percent for email, and 42 percent for Facebook. “The information was no longer relevant,” meaning the purchase had been made or the event had passed, tied for number one for Facebook (42 percent), and was the number two reason for email (56 percent).

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