Why Blog?

I have a friend – we’ll call him Mr. Maple Bacon, who thinks that blogs are simply a vehicle for self-promotion. In the interest of full disclosure, this friend is not a self-promoter – which is one of many reasons I consider him a friend. And, he may tell me this just to get a rise out of me. Yet, if even a small part of him believes this, I don’t think he’s the only one.

Sure, some people use a blog for the sole purpose of promoting themselves in order to win business, making themselves feel important, or ranting about their personal issues. Blogs that focus on the above are often very successful, by the way. But, there are lots of other reasons to write a blog. Here are a few that come to mind for both business and personal use:

  • SEO — new content on a company site is fresh bait for those hungry little search engine spiders
  • CULTURE — prospects, current clients and job candidates read blogs to get a sense of the company vibe that may not be evident in the About Us section of a web site
  • CONVERSATION — blog entries can begin a conversation around a particular topic…controversial or not, serious or not…maybe even about a video game (ha! Mr. Maple Bacon…)
  • STAYING IN TOUCH — most people don’t have time to talk to every friend or family member to update them on their lives, so a blog is a quick and easy way to keep people in the know
  • HELP PEOPLE — so many blogs written about (and by) those suffering from rare, and even common, illnesses give people a source for information, shared concerns, hope and much more

What are your reasons for writing or reading a blog? Do you have a blog? Does your company?

And, yes, we’ve reached the point in this blog post where I feel it’s completely appropriate to promote the services of Delphic Sage. So, if your company doesn’t have a blog…or an online marketing strategy, you should call us. We’re pretty dang good at this stuff.


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