What's the Most Popular Browser in the World?

Google’s Chrome was the most popular web browser in the world last month (October 2012), according to statcounter.com, followed by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Chrome: 34.77 pecent
Internet Explorer: 32.08 percent
Firefox: 22.32 percent
Safari: 7.81 percent
Opera: 1.63 percent

Those numbers have shifted significantly in the last year: In October 2011, Internet Explorer had 40.18 percent and Chrome only 25.00 percent.

Popularity varies from country to country. In the United States, Internet Explorer continues to dominate:

Internet Explorer: 41.44 percent
Chrome: 23.82 percent
Firefox: 18.02 percent
Safari: 14.72 percent
Opera: 0.47 percent

You can compare these numbers to the specifics for your own site, which will be calculated in your analytics report. Regardless of which is most popular among your users, of course, you should check your site through each of the top four browsers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari – to make sure there are no issues with either appearance or functionality in any of them.

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