What To Read?

One of my major complaints about RSS in general is that with all of the fresh content that is delivered, I can never tell which stories are deserving of my limited time and attention span. With each new interesting blog and news feed that I subscribe to, the problem gets worse. One of the things that I have grown to appreciate when I visit CNN.com for example,  is that the most important news receives the highest priority one the page. Sometimes these stories even receive a dramatic red background that is impossible to ignore.  With an RSS reader, a story about N. Korea’s nuclear ambitions recieves the same treatment as the latest celebrity hijinks of Tom Cruise. 

This got me thinking about the ways that content can be visualized, especially syndicated / aggregated content. One of the things I stumbled accross is the idea of a NewsMap, which takes aggregated news content (in this case Google News) and displays them in a hierarchical manner. Ok, so after trying to acually read the news via the NewsMap I realize that is not really the best solution. I fact, it’s actually quite headache inducing.

Perhaps the best answer would be a rating system for syndicated content that would allow peoples readers to prioritize and display information based on how the rest of the internet world see it.

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