What Makes Sitecore Right for You?

When I first came aboard Delphic Digital, it seemed as though Sitecore was the talk of the town, and for good reason: We’ve been presented with the Sitecore Site of the Year award not just once,…but twice. Since 2008, Delphic has been a tried-and-true believer in Sitecore, or rather, what we believe to be one of the greater CMS’s out there, especially for enterprise-grade applications where scalability and security matter most. In fact, we loved it so much so, that we became one of the very first Sitecore-Certified Partners in the Philadelphia metro area. Today, we’re serving Sitecore clients all around the world.


But enough about us, let’s talk about you, and more specifically, your business. When it comes to choosing a content management system for your enterprise, the options are endless. There’s the good, the great and, of course, the ill-advised. And so, I posed the question: What is it that makes Sitecore so great?

For starters, Sitecore is the ultimate sourcebook of marketing power tools, especially if you understand its Best Practices and architecture patterns. More than just an enterprise-grade content management system, Sitecore has evolved into an entire web framework, clad with strategic insights and special features that take some of the grunt work out of the digital grind.

It’s Business…And It’s Personal

With Sitecore, you can create valuable consumer insights by implementing special features to define personas. In turn, you’re able to give each and every website visitor a customized experience with A/B multivariate testing, content personalization, SEO optimization and marketing automation. In fact, Sitecore created an entire SEO module that allows you to optimize your site, while getting a hold on big data.

From supporting internal and external translation services to managing more effective communications, Sitecore delivers intuitive, tailored solutions for content creators and editors through the highly customizable templating systems. Simply put, it gets the right message to the right person at the right time. And in an era of mass production, who wouldn’t want that extra personal touch from a virtual experience?

It’s Fast….Lightning Fast

Web Developers, rejoice! Unlike other content management systems, Sitecore is designed to operate larger functioning websites at faster speeds using both ASP.NET 4.5 and controlled caching. Whether you choose to work within Sitecore, or externally with other tools, this interface is built-to-scale with coding enhancements and integrated debugging systems that save time, energy and many-a-headache. Programming speed is increased from all angles so that you can quickly and efficiently build high-level web solutions to support your lead generation initiatives.

It Plays Nice…With Existing Systems

Beyond simplifying the entire publishing process, perhaps the greatest component of Sitecore is that it can be extended and integrated with third-party applications already in place, like Google Analytics and SharePoint. This is done through standard development practices, which are provided through the widely adopted .NET framework. In fact, Sitecore’s Data Providers have designed it so that you can connect to any database, and Sitecore will continue to read and deploy that data as if it’s their own. It was built with performance in mind, and can be configured on server architectures of all shapes and sizes, regardless of display standards! Any browser, any platform, anytime – that’s the Sitecore way.

Scalable, dynamic, easily integrated and user-friendly: For all these reasons and more, Sitecore will increase both productivity and market success. And the proof is in the pudding: some of the leading brands have adopted Sitecore as their leading CMS – think L’Oreal, Canon, ADP and Toshiba, to name just a few.

So, think Sitecore might be the missing link in your marketing strategy? Learn more about how Delphic can help you harness the power of Sitecore, and give your business that added boost for long-term growth. Or, you can get the conversation started in the comments below. Our highly skilled team of creatives welcomes the chatter!


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