Want to Make Your Content Stick? Consider Your Technology

Creating great content has always been king to true brand building – and building a following that means something.

When you consider how your brand makes noise it’s important to treat each noisemaker in your toolbox with care. Having one message say “go right” and another say “go left” happens easily and often when there’s no overarching strategy to guide content to meet its target.

I wish all B2B sites were smart about the last mile – their website. I’ve always said buying traffic is easy; making it work is the hard part. Astounding page traffic doesn’t matter if it’s not traveling through your sales funnel. If you want to take the lead in user experience, use your content. Make content the king of your website castle by giving users relevant content when they want it.

Here at Delphic we look at content through a few different lenses. While many digital marketing partners focus on blogs, guest blogging and social (all are important), at Delphic, we also consider technology.

SitecoreSitecore is one of the most powerful technology tools that helps us create good content and match it to the right audience. Sure, Sitecore isn’t the only Content Management System out there but most of their competitors just manage content. Sitecore is a useful technology tool because it allows the Delphic team to do so much more. Sitecore understands the user, and can interpret user behavior to display relevant content through its DMS. “Smart content” versus “just content” is the Sitecore difference.

So why aren’t we worried about sharing our secret sauce? Because it’s not just the Sitecore software technology tool that delivers content success to Delphic’s clients. It’s also our employees’ insight that drives the unique combination of testing, optimization, customization and design to meet client objectives.

A content strategy is not just about creating a plan for how to get better SEO results – it also includes how to engage your audience in the most relevant way possible on your website. For marketers who just throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks you will find your content strategy is just a reflection of that ad hoc approach. The good news for your client is that it might work. The bad news is that it could be working a lot better, especially when you factor in what technology can do for it.

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