Twitter's New Search Features Are Actually Useful

I am definitely loving some of the new features that Twitter added to search last month. Have you been playing around them also?

Auto-fill: We’ve gotten used to auto-fill with Google, and it was a no-brainer to add it to Twitter. Thanks — and thanks for the “did you mean?” suggestions for those of us prone to typos and misspellings.

I like that it provides two sets of possibilities, both key words and user names, making looking for someone whose user name you don’t know a one-step search. Also, like Google, it suggests possibilities based on previous usage. (I follow several gardening feeds, which explains @GardeningHowTo in the results shown — it probably wouldn’t be if you did that search.)

Related topics: Twitter suggests other terms that could help you refine your search. You can click on one of the suggestions to refine or continue your search organically.

(And if you’re wondering, as I was, if “zayn” is some cutting-edge technical term — no, apparently he’s a member of a boy band who left Twitter. The teenyboppers are abuzz.)

People you follow: Search for a key word, then look at tweets by people you follow. Great for those “Someone said something good about X earlier, but I don’t remember who it was” moments.

Note that your own tweets are shown in this tab as well.

Overall, these are all updates that have actually made my Twitter experience better — unlike some Facebook updates I could mention.

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