Top Ten Tips for Successful Landing Pages

We’ve talked quite a bit about landing pages and conversion over the last few months – here’s a summary of the top ten points to remember.

  1. Match the headline on the landing page to the text of the ad that led there. Remember, you can have as many landing pages as you want, so don’t use a generic page for multiple ads to click to. If your visitor thinks “Whuh?” upon landing, he or she isn’t going to stick around long enough to convert.
  2. The headline should not only match, it should entice. The offer should be ultra-specific and emphasize how useful and unique your offer is.
  3. Check, double-check, and triple-check spelling and grammar. Then go find the biggest stickler in your office and have him or her check it also. Visitors are looking for a reason not to convert – don’t provide that reason with dumb mistakes.
  4. Make it clear you’re trustworthy. Brand trust is essential. Provide social proof not just on your home page but your landing page as well.
  5. Write a good call to action
  6. and place it front and center. The call to action should be clear, enticing – and very, very easy to find.
  7. Remove all links. Okay, if you have to send visitors to an order page, you can – but you don’t want them doing anything but responding to your CTA, so don’t provide them with an excuse not to respond in the form of extraneous links.
  8. If you use photos or videos, they should be top-quality. Visuals of your product in action or of delighted customers happy with your service are extremely effective – but only if they’re well done. A poor-quality video can hurt results more than not having a video at all.
  9. Strip away all nonessential elements. The Internet is the land of short attention spans. Don’t distract visitors from your central message with anything that shouldn’t be on your landing page.
  10. Test your results to develop the most effective landing page possible.
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