Top Social Sites Every Business Should Know About

With an influx of social networking sites, it is important for businesses to not only utilize these sites, but use them when appropriate. We decided to break-down the top social sites according to their relation to business objectives.

Networking and Recruiting

  • Xing – Professionals can network with one another with access to world-wide companies, search opportunities and find experts through the Business Accelerator application.
  • Linkedin – Allows you to connect and network with other professionals for business related purposes including, career opportunities, job candidates and partnerships.
  • Facebook – Connects friends across networks. Important for reaching a younger audience, recruiting, promotion and advertising.
  • Ryze – Business networking site allows you to create networks and recruit members, promote events and includes a classified section for jobs and announcements.
  • Plaxo – Online address book keeps contact information up to date, organizes contacts and connects people
  • Tribe – Unique to each city, users can create a network, connect with other members and search/post events, reviews and restaurants.
  • – Looking for qualified entry-level candidates, start here.

Promotion and Social Bookmarking

  • Digg – Allows users to submit and browse content, including news, videos/images and articles, by category with potential for mass promotion
  • – Promote and tag items to this social bookmarking site with potential for extensive exposure.
  • Reddit – Submit and search articles by category to drive traffic to your site. Earn points for quality submissions and gain more exposure by filtering to the top of the “hot” list.
  • Squidoo – Great for driving traffic, the site allows you to create a lens on a specific topic, network with other experts and link back to your site or blog.
  • Frappr – Community mapper and guest book establishes interactivity for users, while recording visitor stats. Embed pages with maps and allow users to pinpoint their location in real time.
  • Furl – Drive traffic to your site and promote urls with this social bookmarker that allows users tag and share favorite urls; includes commenting and recommendation feature.
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