Tools, Tips and Inspiration – August Roundup

Everyday someone here at Delphic Digital is sharing something interesting – a tool, a tip, a result or an experience which we all benefit from reading.  Even if its not in our direct line of work; it’s actually the posts from the other teams that inspire me the most, giving me insight into the work of other teams and better able to provide a client with a holistic approach, rather than one siloed by my area of expertise.

I had a conversation with a colleague here the other day who also shared the same sentiment.  From this the idea of a “Monthly Roundup” was born, and here it is – the first roundup of Tools, Tips and Inspiration shared by our Delphic Community the past month, now shared to inspire our fellow digital dwellers.

Digital Tools

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Digital Tips and Top Blogs

Selenium Ide: How to automate testing for almost anything on your website.
Forms submissions are the life force of lead generation: without them, sales opportunities drop significantly. Therefore, in terms of best quality assurance practices, it’s critical that a company’s online forms are tested periodically, as well as during each new build or project release, to ensure that the submissions process continues to be maintained and working efficiently. Selenium Ide presents the ability to automate testing for anything (or almost anything) on your website to make sure these vital forms and other elements keep on working.

Does Birth Order Make a Difference in your Digital Career?
The great Malcom Gladwell says, “Who we are cannot be separated from where we’re from.” Here at Delphic, we wanted to see if there were any correlations between where we’re from in the family sense and what we do every day – so we looked at birth order and career choice.

Digital Inspiration and News

What we’ve found in the community that we love:

What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?
An epic tale of deception, stolen artwork, and sub-par logos
What color is your logo and what it says about your company

Important Announcement Regarding YUI
The Development Team at Delphic let out a Spoiler Alert.  Yahoo is dropping all development on the YUI library. Yahoo is dropping all development on the Yahoo User Interface library (YUI) after an 8 year run.  YUI served the purpose of providing a comprehensive toolkit to make it easier for developers to create rich web applications though acknowledged recent developments have made it clear that the industry is now headed in a new direction.

Smart Dashboard Modules: Insightful Dimensions And Best Metrics
Executive dashboards have been a topic of discussion and effort at Delphic this year with the development of several marketing dashboards (see our own Report Slayer’s tips for Simple Visualizations with Swagger). Never settling, Erin shared inspiration from Avinash Kaushnik’s Executive Dashboard layouts and I’m already excited about Delphic’s next dashboard.

Frank Underwood’s Lessons For Digital Marketers
Creative visual of Frank Underwood’s strategies and how they translate into Digital Marketing.

And since it’s Friday, we’ll end on a humorous note.

STALKED BY AN AD” is a horror moview trailer for the Modern Age.

Hope to see you soon! You’ll definitely see us soon…


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