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Much like dating, the pool of digital possibilities makes it difficult to play favorites: How, for the love of Link Bait, are you expected to choose just one? Well, we here at Delphic mingle at the crux of a hopeless romance, believing that star-crossed lovers do indeed stand a fighting chance. Ergo, could it be true that a single digital discovery has the potential to bring volts of beauty and hypnotic inspiration to your day? Perhaps it’s the i to your Mac, the Calamity to your Jane, the plugin to you cache…    

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a passionately curated mix of some of our most cherished gizmos and gadgets that have us reaching for the stars – the ones that send our hearts aflutter in a consuming world of all things virtual.   

 Mike Quinn & The Waze App

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary: October 31st, 2013

Remember printing out MapQuest directions? What about trying to follow Google maps to your next destination? Let’s be honest: they were kind of “meh”, right? My new love affair is with the Waze traffic and navigation app. Not only is this new app easy to use and in real-time, it lets you know the location of speed traps on your trip!

 Brooke Kelly & The Think Dirty App

Relationship Status: It’s Puppy Love!

Anniversary: January 2015

Have you ever wondered what’s ACTUALLY in your makeup, toiletries, and other bathroom products? If you’re anything like me, reading the ingredients on the back of shampoos and lotions is about as easy to understand as quantum physics! That was, until I met Think Dirty…the iOS (and soon-to-be Android) app that finally translated all those weird ingredients into understandable consequences, and taught me just how harmful many of the products I was using on a daily basis were for my skin and body! Thanks to Think Dirty, I’ve replaced nearly all of my makeup and toiletries with amazing and healthy products from companies like 100% Pure and Acure! Think Dirty sure knows how to treat a girl right!

 Jeff Mills & Github

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary: July 18th, 2008

Collaborative open source code,…need I say more?

 Chloe Yeung & Grubhub

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary: 2011

Food delivered to your door, no pants or talking to humans necessary. Grubhub is a lifesaver when it’s raining, you can’t get out of the office, don’t feel like cooking, can’t stop your Netflix binge,.. the list goes on and on. Bonus: their marketing is hilarious. Grubhub is bae. *heart eyes emoji*

 Daniel O’Kane & Wodify

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary: March 24th, 2014

Wodify – an app developed for CrossFit. You can view class schedules, sign into classes and see the workout of the day (WOD). The best part of this app is its ability to track performance to see my progress over time.

 Isheeta Shah & Feedly

Relationship Status: Boos for Life

Anniversary: March 1st, 2013

Before Google Reader went away, I used it daily to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. I shed many tears when Google decided to retire their RSS Reader. But, then I was introduced to Feedly, and our love story is still going strong. Feedly makes it super easy to keep track of all of my blogs, and even lets me organize them into categories, like Books, Style, and Nom Nom (aka my Food Blog category). I can flag items that I want to save for later, and I can share all the hilarious Buzzfeed posts with my friends via email, social networks, or even text message. And there’s a super cool mobile app so I can keep up with Just Jared anywhere.

 Bryan Bohl & One Page Love

Relationship Status: Beneficial Friend

Anniversary: 2009

This was the site I visited the most in college when I was trying to come up with a nice and clean design for a website. Now, I just love to explore the popular gallery and see how much designs have changed in just a few years. This site is great for both designers, as well as developers, and can really help you explore websites that you might have never been able to find before. Oh, and Tinder.

 Nicole Hess & Little Bird

Relationship Status: It’s Puppy Love!

Anniversary: 2013

The first selling point on their site is no joke. “Reduce by 90% the time and cost of identifying influencers, with better results.” Bam – Drop. The. Mic. And for real, I’ve used this tool in one hour to do work that takes a skilled person to do in 10. (Does that add up to 90% reduction? Whatever it is, that’s a real fact. I’m not just talking about SEO or Social Media, though don’t pass it up for just these… I’m saying, these are the people you want to talk about your brand, product, service, whatever it is and whomever you are, B2C or B2B. Just like I’m and advocate for Little Bird, Little Bird helps you find people who will be advocates for you.

 Erin Simmons & Gliffy

Relationship Status: Baes

Anniversary: 2014

Visuals are the key to easy understanding. A good visual can make a complex problem explainable to anyone. A good visual can heal the world! Ok,ok, I went too far. But you get it — visuals are awesome. When paid tools like Visio aren’t in the cards, Gliffy comes in super handy. I use this mostly to map out onsite flow charts — surveys, user pathing, applications, etc. Coupled with some simple web metrics, this becomes an easy way to visualize drop off, and areas of opportunity within on site paths.

 Jason Connell & Google Now

Relationship Status:

Anniversary: 2013

I automatically get notified of the commute time and weather every morning. It knows what time I leave for work and go home. It gives near real time updates to the sports games and stock info, and suggested reading based on my search history.

 Kate Dalbey &

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary: 4/12/2014

I’m a busy working Mom, and I’d rather not spend my limited free time buying diapers and other baby stuff (who knew babies needed so much… stuff?). Enter and its super slick app – making it easy to buy (and reorder) anything Jr. needs. Their coupons and deals are fantastic, and sometimes you even get same-day delivery. They also have sister sites like,, etc – so you never have to step foot in a store to buy that mega-pack of paper towels or 60-lb bag of dogfood again. HALLELUJA!

Charlie Darney & Untappd

Relationship Status: Crutch

Anniversary: January 1st, 2015

“Drink Socially”. This is a great looking and fun app for beer lovers like myself. You can check-in to your favorite hole in the wall, let your friends know what beer (or beers) you’re drinking, and what you think of them. You can also look at what your friends are drinking and toast their choices. The app design is great on the phone, and the app itself is really easy to use. I’ve discovered tons of new beers using Untappd!

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