Three Quick Steps For Getting Your Retargeting Campaign Started

It’s been a few weeks since I last spoke about my love for retargeting marketing and, as promised, I’m back to provide a few quick tips on launching a successful campaign.

Tip #1: Take the time to properly segment your audiences. Retargeting is all about directing ads to a specific section of your audience and this is your first step to creating that amazing feature. By not taking full advantage of your retargeting capabilities, you are basically driving a Porsche to the supermarket every week.


How to Properly Segment

So let’s say that you own a sports website that sells clothing, sports supplies and things of that nature. You would want to split your audience into specific groups such as: football fans, baseball fans, basketball fans etc. This way you can target the football fans with football-specific ads, basketball fans with basketball-specific ads and so on. In order to segment your audience, check your pixel for visitors who have visited the baseball section of your site and create an audience comprised entirely of those customers. Do the same for all other sports-specific sections of your site. Now you have the properly-segmented audiences and you are ready to go!

Tip #2: Create specific landing pages for your audiences! Nothing aggravates me more in life than banners that click-thru to advertisers’ homepages. Would you send a customer looking for a Tebow Jersey (sorry couldn’t help myself) to the front of your store and allow them find the football section on their own? No, you would make the shopping experience as simple as possible and walk them back to where you sell football jerseys.

So go ahead and customize your landing pages so that your customer only sees items that interest them. Be prepared to make several landing pages because there should be AT LEAST one for each audience you have. In some cases you might actually need a few pages per audience depending on how many products you are promoting (example: basketball clothing landing page, basketball products landing page, etc.)

Tip #3: Make some banners and test like you’ve never tested before! The testing and analyzing phase should be your favorite time as a marketer. Which headline works best? Does this green banner get a higher click-thru than the blue banner? The possibilities are endless!

Now that your audience is segmented and your landing pages are ready to go, you’ll need to create some banners. Make several different banners with different headlines, call-to-actions, colors, etc., and upload them to your campaign. Adjust your settings so that these banners rotate evenly and run them for several weeks. It is vital that you give your campaign enough time to provide proper testing results. I’ve seen too many marketers run a campaign for a few days and then analyze results without giving the data enough time to grow. Be patient and don’t jump to conclusions.

I hope that these tips have been helpful and informative for your new retargeting campaign. Remember that it’s important to have lots of patience when exploring a new advertising platform. Feel free to share any other tips/ comments for retargeting that you might have below. See you next time!

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