Three Main Elements of an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page should be stripped down to the essentials. These essentials will include three main elements:

A value proposition. Make it immediately clear what you’re offering and how it will benefit your visitors. Identify an incentive that is valuable to your target audience — whether that’s a matter of dollars and cents or providing a solution to a problem they are experiencing — and timely in terms of where the visitor is in the buying cycle. Present the offer in a clear, concise manner (a bullet list, brief block of text, or striking image of a before-and-after transformation or of your product in action).

A call to action. Determine what exactly you want visitors to do: You need to know in advance what “success” looks like and how you will measure it. Once you have identified the goal of the landing page, write a strong, descriptive CTA and place it on the landing page so that it is visible without scrolling.

A stripped-down response form. Encourage the visitor to fill out the form by keeping it to the basics, like name and email address. Once you have that information, you’ll be able to continue the discussion in email.

Once you’ve designed a landing page, it’s time to start split testing it, one element at a time, until you have created the most effective possible version of it.

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