Three Golden Tips for Running a Twitter Contest

So you’ve built up a Twitter following, have just enough human interaction where you can make an impact, but aren’t getting to where you need to be with leads generated from social media. There’s a solution for that – try running your own Twitter contest!

Pulling people in is going to be easier than you think, especially when an incentive is involved. According to one market study, 43.5% of Twitter users follow brands due to a special offer or deal. And from that number, 70% partake in a brand-sponsored contest or sweepstakes.

Here are a few tips for running a contest on Twitter:

  1. Hash out a plan. Just like all other social media campaigns, holding a contest requires a strategy and a goal. Why are you holding the contest? What awesome prizes will you give away? What kind of attention do you hope to attract from the contest? How long will the contest run for? What about the legalities? Answering these questions will help define your strategy and objectives.
  2. Create brand affinity. People feel more comfortable when a brands personality shows, so be funny and show some character! Engage your audience with a common interest and they will be more inclined to participate. Create a catchy hashtag to go along with your messaging. These hashtag do’s-and-don’ts will guide you through the process.
  3. Filter and measure your results. Make life much easier for yourself when it comes to clearly seeing all contest entrants by asking users to include either an @mention to you in their tweet, or a specific hashtag dedicated to the contest or campaign you’re running. In addition, you can also track your contest over time using a third party app. Try Twilert – the free service provides a daily email of tweets containing the keyword, phrase, or hashtag of your choosing.

Contests are a great way to generate brand awareness and increase social media conversions. By following these three tips, you’ll be well on your way to social media success.

We’d like to hear from you! Share your successes or failures when running a Twitter contest in the comments section below, as well as any additional questions.

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