Taking Google Chrome for a Test Drive: First Impressions

Google ChromeI can’t say I’m remotely surprised by Google’s entry into the browser market (was anybody?). In fact, I’m surprised it has taken this long to happen – the writing has been on the wall for years. I’m more curious how they kept such a relatively tight lid on this? There have been rumors for years, but they seem to have gone quiet recently. And then all of a sudden — here it is!

Anyway, as an interactive agency I can’t say the addition of another browser, especially one that is likely¬†reasonable adoption, to test was the most welcome of news. But the inner geek quickly takes over and the excitement got the best of me.

So a few quick comments of what I’ve observed so far.

What I’ve liked:

  • It seems pretty zippy on Javascript heavy pages (which I use a lot)
  • It’s crashed once in several days of heavy use (Firefox 3 still crashes on me quite a few times a day)
  • The minimalist approach in a browser is appreciated
  • I like the tabs at the top
  • Google Gears works well (surprise)

What still needs work:

  • Plug-ins – though I’m not a huge plug-in guy, there are some critical ones I’d like to see (on the way)
  • I don’t really like the blue – though I understand there are themes out already
  • Most sites hold up ok, but some more complex will need some work (Evernote was a tough one for me)
  • Text editors are a disaster (not surprisingly)
  • Initially it wasn’t being identified in Google Analytics, but that has been remedied I understand

It would seem that Google is trying build Chrome into a solid base for web-based applications. This is a welcome addition from our perspective. And the competition is always good for all of us.

Drop us a comment and let us know your impressions so far, esepcially as it relates to web design and development.


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