• Git Commands Cheat Sheet

      Before we start – a Git synopsis The Three Trees Commit selectors Ignore rules SETTING UP STAGING COMMITTING INSPECTION MANAGING BRANCHES MANAGING REMOTE REPOS MANAGING REMOTE BRANCHES TAGGING CONFLICTS STASH Git GLOBAL SETTINGS ALIASES   Before we start – a Git synopsis As with anything, knowing even a little about the mechanism behind whatever […]

  • Microsoft Tells Sharepoint Users to Move to Sitecore

    Sharepoint is Out; Sitecore is In Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they would be dropping the Public Websites feature in SharePoint Online. This service allows Office 365 users to build and customize websites with in-browser tools. Through the use of templates, companies can build public-facing websites with custom domain names, search engine optimization tools, […]

  • Sass? Yes, Please!

    I will be the first to admit, when I initially heard about Sass I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, even though colleagues of mine were saying it was the “next big thing.” A quick Google search brought me to the official Sass site, which featured some code examples. At the time, I said, […]

  • Jamie Stump Returns As 3-Time Sitecore MVP

    This past week, Delphic Digital announced that our Sitecore Architect Jamie Stump was recognized as a Sitecore MVP for the third year in a row since 2013. Upon candidates being reviewed by a panel of developers and corporate executives, less than 4% of Sitecore partners worldwide are chosen to receive this designation. So it should […]

  • What Makes Sitecore Right for You?

    When I first came aboard Delphic Digital, it seemed as though Sitecore was the talk of the town, and for good reason: We’ve been presented with the Sitecore Site of the Year award not just once,…but twice. Since 2008, Delphic has been a tried-and-true believer in Sitecore, or rather, what we believe to be one […]

  • Leveling Up Your Sublime Text Through Packages

    I love Sublime Text. It is my go-to text editor for coding websites. It’s a spectacular piece of software that the majority of our front end development team here at Delphic uses on a daily basis. One of the best parts of Sublime Text? Packages: a collection of resources that gives you the ability to […]

  • A "Tail" of Building with AngularJS

    When Google Chrome first launched (yes, way back in 2008) did you geek out when you saw how fast it was? It was great right? Then you checked out how it worked to make it so fast and presented to you was AngularJS. Aside from being incredibly fast, AngularJS has a few other features to […]

  • A Sitecore Architect on Sitecore Architecture

    Here at Delphic, a key component of our mission is to play at the convergence of marketing and technology. This manifests itself in many ways, but perhaps no tool (or partner) is more suited to that mission than Sitecore. Though Sitecore began as a Content Management System (CMS), over the past several years it has […]

  • Intro to QA Lingo: 10 Key Quality Assurance Terms Explained

    Brooke Kelly answers the question: “What is QA?” and breaks down the process of Quality Assurance when it comes to your website. Quality Assurance: the ever important practice of making sure things work. Where QA lacks the innovative experimentation and flashy creativity of development and design, or the leadership of project management, it makes up […]