• Using .Net 3.x Lambda Expressions to Write More Concise Code

    Lambda Expressions via msdn.com: A lambda expression is an anonymous function that can contain expressions and statements, and can be used to create delegates or expression tree types. All lambda expressions use the lambda operator =>, which is read as “goes to”. The left side of the lambda operator specifies the input parameters (if any) […]

  • tips_tricks

    Sass (Part 2): Tips and Tricks

    My previous post on Sass (part 1) looked at the Architecture we use to organize our style sheets. It wasn’t intended to be a “part 1” but in preparing it I kept taking note of extra tricks and techniques that didn’t quite fit into the “architecture” of the code, and from this, “Part 2” was […]

  • CSS in 3D

    I’ve spent some time combing through every resource I can find on the subject which, surprisingly, wasn’t as complex as I thought it would be. So have a read, play with the examples, and hopefully my work will prove a little value in conveying at least one new thing to you! *Tiny disclaimer – this […]

  • Sass (Part 1): Architecture

    Sass is great. In comparison to CSS, it’s a sanity saver. All of its abilities are brilliant (actually just most of them, I’m looking at you @extend, why don’t you like playing in media queries?) Anyway, it’s phenomenal at cutting down repetition and it gives us the amazing ability to split our styling up between […]

  • An Introduction to Managing Client UAT

    The phrase “UAT” is a familiar one within the software development world, but what do those three letters really stand for, and more importantly, what do they actually mean in terms of project timelines and success?  As someone who has been working in the web development world for several years now, with experience in both […]

  • analytics.js

    This article is my remedy. I’ve run through the Docs, pulled out all the parts relevant to the front end, reorganized them and re-written them into something that is (hopefully) more friendly and human readable. It’s just the way I learn things, and it has the handy side effect of producing these articles that I […]

  • Service Workers

    Why not? Browser support, that’s the only reason I can think of not to use this. Although, as long as we use the conditional (if (‘serviceWorker’ in navigator) {) older browsers will still work as normal and the people on modern browsers will get all the offline/performance enhancements that we can achieve. So why not? […]

  • Delphic Goes for Gold – Sitecore Gold

      Today we’re proud to announce our recognition as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. A Sitecore partner since 2008, Delphic delivers more than just a CMS implementation of Sitecore, focusing on the entire engagement experience. Segmentation, personalization and marketing automation are a part of Delphic’s capabilities as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. About Sitecore Sitecore’s experience platform […]

  • Chrome DevTools

    First a note on the drawer. It isn’t one of the panels but it’s there for us whenever we ask for it (esc). We’ll cover the ‘Console’ and ‘Emulation’ tabs within the following sections, but not ‘Search’ and ‘Rendering’. ‘Search’ is pretty self explanatory and ‘Rendering’ lets us toggle a few options – play around […]