• Exploring Google Analytics’ New User Interface

    You know that feeling when you first open an app or website and realize it’s been updated? For the optimist, it feels like a new movie in a series came out. For the pessimist, it feels like someone renamed every one of the contacts in their phone book. We learned which person we are earlier this month when Google Analytics rolled out its new user interface to our accounts.

  • The Marketer’s Guide to RegEx

    You know that feeling when you find out something that could have saved you time and your head just slouches forward? That was the moment I had when learning that RegEx is not as scary as it looks and is really very relevant, effective, and time saving for analysts and marketers.

  • 5 Most Common Mistakes Made in Implementing Google Analytics

    With an array of features and settings, even the most skilled analyst is bound to overlook something that could provide additional value. That is why we at Delphic conduct comprehensive Analytics Audits for our clients, in order to identify over 50 potential issues or missed opportunities within their accounts. Read on for the 5 most common mistakes we have encountered, why you should care, and tips on how to correct them.