• Google Algorithm Update: Fred

    Last week, the SEO industry was shocked by Google’s latest algorithm update that is being (unofficially) referred to as “Fred”. Some webmasters have been reporting up 90% of their keywords dropping positions in SERPs. Read on for how this update may affect your site’s SEO and how to resolve those issues.

  • The New Google Adwords Pipeline

    Google doesn’t shy away from a big change, for better or worse. As paid search managers, we are required to stay on our toes so we’re not scrambling to keep up with ever changing Adwords pipeline. Once again, Google is rolling out some new updates that will change the way we do business in the paid search world, coming to you “sometime later this year” (in classic Google style).

  • right_rail

    “Bidding” Farewell to Right Rail Ads

    Google is always quietly testing new features in their search engine result pages, both visually and algorithmically. While this is one of the more significant changes for paid search, Delphic has made strategic moves months in advance to keep the performance of our clients’ paid search performance consistent.