• Gmail Tabs Are Here to Stay

    We all know the trends of the summer were bright neons and graphic prints but don’t forget those Gmail tabs. Love ‘em or not, as email marketers, we can’t ignore them. While reports continue to roll out about their effects, they may not be the end to our craft. Still, Gmail Tabs force us to […]

  • Clarity is Key: Making Content That Gives People What They Want

    You have more competitors than ever in today’s attention economy. With such a short window for capturing your online visitor’s attention, you must be laser focused on delivering the desired result before an unexpected bell and whistle comes barging in. And if this weren’t hard enough already, many times our first step is to tell […]

  • Optimize Your Optimizing

    Always be testing.  Any digital marketer should be very familiar with this mantra. Some other phrases that you may mumble in your sleep: A/B Testing Ad Rotation Keyword Optimization I’m trying to run but my legs won’t work Multivariate Testing Most of these are probably related. But even if you can set up and run […]

  • Delphic Bookmarks: Digital Marketing Content We Loved | June 28 – July 5

    50 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts https://blog.kissmetrics.com/50-content-marketing-tools/ Many thanks to KISSmetrics for laying out a handy dandy tool list to help aid the often tedious content marketing battle. Each resource given adds a different piece to the puzzle, ultimately giving you awesome content worth sharing. Some of my favorites mentioned? Inbound.org, Buffer and […]

  • Email Still Rocks

    As I start to roll into my 20th year of online marketing I think to myself, “email is still an amazing thing.” It’s such a strong tool, and yet, so many brands are still underutilizing this most basic of communication. If you think it’s old school, think again. Think about how much direct mail you […]

  • Intellectual Property in Content Marketing for the Digital Agency

    This is a guest post featuring the views and opinions of an industry professional, which may not represent those of Delphic Digital. Creating content is the way a digital marketing agency forms relationships with the Internet generation. In the past, television and print advertising ruled the world. Today, people go online to socialize, watch movies, […]