• Email Sends: How Many is Too Many?

    I have clients that send so much email that the people who have opted in and are most interested in their brand don’t even have time to read them. I have other clients that are not reaching out to customers often enough. The question I always get is, “How do you determine the right balance […]

  • The Case for a New, Robust Content Strategy

    For years now, content has been considered the “king” of Internet marketing. The strategy started with writing pages and including keywords, evolved into including keywords on press releases, and then moved towards writing short blog posts on the targeted keyword and sharing across social media networks. That was a content strategy fit for a king. […]

  • Tips and Tricks to Stretch Your Google Adwords Budget

    It’s a fairly common problem for advertisers – a tight digital marketing budget with little room for overages. So what can marketers do to optimize their budget and make sure every penny is spent efficiently? For those using Google Adwords for their search engine marketing (SEM), Google provides you with a wide range of options […]

  • Should You Say Goodbye to Guest Blogging as an SEO Tactic?

    Guest blogging was once a respected way to receive valuable insights from reputable sources. In some cases, it still can be. However, the practice of guest blogging for SEO and link building purposes has become increasingly spammy over time and is no longer a recommended source of links. In Matt Cutts’ recent article, he references […]

  • A/B Testing: Where do You Start?

    Good Marketer know that it’s not just about what exists on a website right now. It’s about what can be changed to make it better – from a conversion perspective, or a user experience perspective, or both. A great way to get to the “better” is through A/B testing, and with tons of software solutions […]

  • So You Want to Run a Usability Test?

    Usability testing is a great way to determine how an audience uses a website. It helps answer questions like: Can users learn the site efficiently? Is the website memorable? Are there unknown user errors? What’s the level of satisfaction with the site? A usability test will enlighten us Marketers, Designers, and Developers on user experience […]