• Let’s Do Mobile: Part 1

    Responsive. Mobilegeddon. Bid Adjustments. Mobile-Friendly. Click to Call. Cross-Device. Most advertisers understand that the mobile age is upon us, but many advertisers and marketers alike struggle to navigate the shift to mobile. Endless buzzwords, arbitrary stats, and budget limitations can make it seem impossible to tackle a mobile strategy. Where do I start? What return […]

  • What Makes Sitecore Right for You?

    When I first came aboard Delphic Digital, it seemed as though Sitecore was the talk of the town, and for good reason: We’ve been presented with the Sitecore Site of the Year award not just once,…but twice. Since 2008, Delphic has been a tried-and-true believer in Sitecore, or rather, what we believe to be one […]

  • Drowning in Data? Not for Long.

    I could get tied up for a month analyzing data from Delphic Digital’s website alone. And let’s not forget about the data sources – there can be thousands of them. Just take one look at the Marketing Technology Landscape by renowned tech blogger Scott Brinker: It’s a software logo-wonderland (which we’ve posted in the hallway leading to […]

  • Mobile SEO Takes Center Stage

    Cat’s out of the bag.  The world knows your secret.  The secret that you haven’t invested in creating a mobile-friendly site.  Google has made some noise this past week with the feature in Tech Times and all the SEO blogs and forums with the announcement that Google is placing labels next to a website’s listing […]

  • Lead Generation Marketing: Core Principles

    Generally speaking, as an internet business, you either want: 1) online customers, 2) online readers, or 3) online leads. This blog deals with the latter- online lead generation and how to get more leads via your website. Below are several lead generation marketing principles that are fairly universal, regardless of business model, industry etc. and […]

  • Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    We’ve all seen those powerpoint presentations – 70+ slides on your digital marketing strategy for the next year. We’ve all sat through those meetings – 4+ hours of a dry, dull, state-of-the-state review of where you’re at and where you’re going, with every data point, minute tactical detail, and unnecessary supporting graphic included. People tend […]