• Digital Analytics Hub Conference – Part I

    Imagine attending a conference with 100+ of the best minds in your field, hosted in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet with honest sharing, impactful learning, superb food, lots of fun, and even whiskey tasting.

    This was the awesome experience I had last week attending the Digital Analytics Hub conference in Monterey, CA.

  • 5 Most Common Mistakes Made in Implementing Google Analytics

    With an array of features and settings, even the most skilled analyst is bound to overlook something that could provide additional value. That is why we at Delphic conduct comprehensive Analytics Audits for our clients, in order to identify over 50 potential issues or missed opportunities within their accounts. Read on for the 5 most common mistakes we have encountered, why you should care, and tips on how to correct them.

  • The New Google Adwords Pipeline

    Google doesn’t shy away from a big change, for better or worse. As paid search managers, we are required to stay on our toes so we’re not scrambling to keep up with ever changing Adwords pipeline. Once again, Google is rolling out some new updates that will change the way we do business in the paid search world, coming to you “sometime later this year” (in classic Google style).

  • Google Analytics Summit 2015: The Power of Together

    We need to remember the people behind the metrics we see. Actions happen in micromoments. That wasn’t an abandoned visit – it was a baby awaking from a nap. That wasn’t a forgotten video paused halfway through – it was time for dinner and will be finished tomorrow. It is about people reacting to what […]

  • The Downside of Knowing (Almost) Everything

    As an analytics group, a portion of our time goes toward tagging – deciding what should be tagged, how to tag it, and the metrics those tags will provide.  As analysts are wont to do, we like the linear approach of determining business objectives, followed by developing key performance indicators (KPI), wrapping up with a […]

  • Delphic Digital Becomes Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP)

    March 25, 2015 – PHILADELPHIA, PA — Delphic Digital, a Philadelphia based digital agency, announces that it has entered a strategic partnership with Google as a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). The Google Analytics Certified Partner Program is a highly qualified global network comprised of a select number of companies specializing in Google Analytics, the […]

  • Marketing Dashboards: Simple Visualizations with Swagger

    We all know data visualization is important. We track EVERYTHING these days. In fact, every action a user takes online is trackable. As marketers, this is awesome. We have more information than ever before to use for understanding and optimization. But, this comes with a price. Tracking everything sure does make a mess. We have so much […]