Tag Management Platforms: Ensighten vs. Google Tag Manager

Solving the complexity of managing third-party marketing services like tag management platforms on websites is nothing new. Ensighten, an enterprise tag management platform, might have met its match earlier this month. On October 1st, Google announced its very own FREE tool for managing and tracking tags on your site. The new Google Tag Manager (GTM) consolidates your website tags within a single snippet of code, allowing you to manage everything from a single web interface.

Ensighten has a good lead in the space, but will Google’s new free tool hinder that? Let’s find out by comparing the two.

Features Ensighten Google Tag Manager
Type of Vendor Pure Play tag management provider & other related services An addition to the Google digital marketing platform 
Edge One of the market leaders Powerhouse name, size and resources
Deployment One custom container tag One container tag plus a data layer
Tag Compatablility Custom templates available and compatable with almost any tag Flexible custom tag creation along with native support for popular Google tags 
Previewing and Debugging Has all previewing, debugging and versioning capabilities Simplistic preview and debugging interface 
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reliability within a signed SLA No SLA – all Google and 3rd party tags will go down if GTM goes down
Support Technical assistance, support and training available Network of certified partners for assistance & training
Price Defined on a client basis Free

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Vendors

On September 12th 2012, Ensighten announced a $15.5 million “Series A” round of funding led by Volition Capital to go toward continued global expansion and help further their marketing efforts to create buzz around their services.

Ensighten Benefits

Additionally, one notable niche capability is their ability to bring tag management to mobile apps. Other benefits to Ensighten customers include the ability to:

  • Change mobile app analytics and ad tags in real-time
  • Accelerate mobile app performance and stability
  • Increase consumer engagement and app revenues

The same cannot be said for Google Tag Manager, but who’s to say it can’t happen in the future?

GTM Benefits

Let’s discuss a few pluses to GTM. For one, the platform launched globally in English, but will soon be available in many other languages – something that Ensighten is working on with the newest round of funding but Google will most likely pull it off faster given their resources.

Next, in the same way that Google Analytics broke the barrier for web analytics tools, GTM will do the same for tag management systems technology. This is perfect if you don’t have the budget or buy-in required to go for other paid alternatives in the market.

So Which Tag Management Platform Vendor is Right for You?

Both Ensighten and Google Tag Manager are great alternatives for managing your analytics and marketing tags. Whether you choose a paid service or a free one, either will make the process of maintaining, removing and deploying your tags much easier.

ROI of Your Tool of Choice

The next question that you need to ask yourself is: How quickly do I get ROI on my purchase? If you have a smaller budget, start with GTM; for those with larger budgets, you might find that Ensighten pays for itself in its extra features. The only truly wrong choice for your organization is to not implement either tool.

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