Tableau Conference 2016 – A Newbie’s First Day

Yesterday was my first day, of my first conference, ever. What a conference to start with!

I am in Austin, Texas for Tableau Conference 2016, which has the most attendees the data-visualization company has ever seen (that’s 13,000 people) and a Costco-sized bag of announcements. I want to briefly touch on those announcements so far and my experience at this huge event.

The most notable of these announcements is a program called “Operation Maestro.” This is brand-new software in development by Tableau to take on data cleansing and merging – an area traditionally ruled by other companies. It is important to note that this is Tableau announcing their first major foray into something besides data visualization since being founded thirteen years ago.

This announcement is a big deal. Somehow I hit the jackpot and had this as my very first conference experience.

The Keynote speech didn’t stop there, either. Tableau’s new, extremely fast back-end was featured. Hyper, as it is appropriately named, sliced through billions of data points in seconds. This was also a feature that, up to this point, would have required an additional company’s product.

Some of the other big announcements included a Google Docs-like synchronization of all of your dashboards on all devices, multi-layered maps (for businesses, that means opportunity zone mapping in Tableau), a smart search bar for dashboards to answer your questions, and an added system of data governance to ensure data integrity.

I promised to keep it brief, so I will keep the list of announcements at that. I hope I was able to provide the pleasure of distracting you from the election for a short time.

As a final word, I would like to strongly urge anyone in analytics to attend this conference in the future. Outside of being the first to know about any change for this popular program, you get to meet brilliant people working across the country, and have a whole week of phenomenal classes to expand your knowledge beyond what you thought possible. It is worth every penny!

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