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Bing launched a beta version of its visual search option this week. This “search” allows users to select from a pre-defined list of categories (currently the list is 50) and peruse images rather than search listings for results. Check it out yourself here: https://www.bing.com/visualsearch *. With the launch of a new search technology, I thought it would be fun to revisit some other search engines besides the market leaders. When we discuss SEO, we typically focus on the main search engines (Google/Yahoo), but if your business is specialized, you may get more bang for your buck by focusing on PPC or submitting content to more specialized search engine sites.

* Discontinued in 2012


uquery.com is a new search engine focused on the emerging market of iPhone & iPod Touch applications. According to their site, “We have listened to many requests of the community and the frustration of being able to search and find applications on the iTunes AppStore”.  With over 72,000 applications available on the AppStore, uquery is trying to simplify the search process.

Taptu.com is an alternative search engine for mobile. Taptu is a dowloadable search engine to help you find items that are specific to fit on a mobile screen. Or you can access the site directly from your phone browser.


Yahooligans is just a subdomain of Yahoo but it focuses on Kid friendly games, movies, and music. There are a plethora of kid friendly search engine sites incluing: https://www.kidsclick.org/ and askkids.com.


If you are in medical school, you have probably visited pubmed.com at one point or another for research articles/papers. PubMed comprises more than 19 million citations for biomedical articles from medical and ife science journals.


Dogpile.com is a metasearch engine that aggregates the most relevant searches from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask and delivers them to you in a results page. The interesting thing about Dogpile is that it doesn’t distingush between sponsored or paid ads and organic search results. They pull in both types of ads from the top search engines into one list. 

Real Estate:

Zillow.com is an online real estate service providing the consumer with valuable tools and information regarding home purchase. It is more of a content based site than a traditional search engine but a good example of specialized search service.


Most people have visited webmd.com at one point or another for consumer health related search/advice. This is a great opportunity for not only paid ads but also to promote real content and articles. Sermo.com is a forum based site for physicians to search answers to topics.

List of other speciality search engines:


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