Social Networking with a Purpose

If it’s not fun then why do it? At Delphic we like to take every opportunity to make life a little lighter. In May we took two opportunities to laugh about ourselves and raise a glass to the other techy nerds out there.

Red Nose Day

#DelphieSelfie! We all love a good selfie but how much cooler to do it for a cause? May 21st was Red Nose Day, and we all donned our clown-reds to raise funds for childhood poverty. We did it with a Delphic flare, after all we are a digital agency. It started with a selfie photoshoot (if you haven’t, you must), and ended with the photos being retweeted, regrammed and liked all over our social media pages. It was a win because for every new share Delphic donated a dollar to the campaign. At the end of the day we counted 436 shares, shattering our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement records. You can find out more about it the Red Nose Fund here, see our Red Nose pics on social networks (#Delphieselfie) with a special Delphic shoutout to everyone who gave us the opportunity to do the campaign.

PhillyCHI + Delphic Happy Hour

May 21st was a busy day. Not only did we don our reds, but we also settled into the Manayunk Brewing Company for a beer and a chat. As PhillyCHI members we decided to host their next happy hour at our favorite local pub, Manayunk Brew Pub. If you don’t know much about PhillyCHI it’s Philadelphia’s regional chapter of the ACM SIGCHI–basically a group if different disciplines interested in Human-Computer (HCI) Interactions amongst other things. If you can imagine a pub filled with Delphic staff and members of that chapter then you certainly understand that the event was just one more way for us to geek out.

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