Social Media Mistakes: How to Fix Them

The biggest fears that companies have when they think about entering social media is “What happens if something goes wrong?”

The reality is, there WILL be an Oops moment. Most certainly soemthing will be misinterpreted, or a stray aggregated photo or post will slip by that upsets someone.  However, there are a few things that you can do to diffuse the situation when something goes wrong. In the video, we have a number of solutions to your social media mistakes.

In the video below we have tips on fixing your social media mistakes.


To recap, the following tips are covered:

1. Know what your mistake is. Don’t be the last person on the planet to understand what was “wrong.” You could be dealing with misinterpretation, tone, typo, poor context…just make sure you understand the problem.

2. Don’t take your ball and go home. Don’t delete the video, delete your Twitter account, or run away. Face the mistake head-on.

3. When it comes time for an apology-apologize in full. No ifs, buts, or qualifiers to the apology. Apologies go a long, long way. If you have kids, you know this, right?

4. Don’t play the misinterpretation game-people didn’t not understand your point-your point failed.

5. Respond where it happened. Your platform if that is where the problem occurred, or on a third party when it goes wrong there. You don’t respond on your blog to try to take back a conversation that spun out of control elsewhere-people see through that.

6. No response is needed for sniping. Insults don’t need to be justified with a response, criticisms do.

Keep those tips in mind and you will have a much better social media experience.

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