Social Commerce: How Much is that Share Worth?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: you’re probably on all three, but are all three equally worth the effort? Unless you have unlimited time, money, and staff – and no one has unlimited resources – you’re concerned about what the return on your social media investment is.

Eventbrite, the online ticketing/registration service, was the first to issue a social commerce report, back in 2010. At the time, it found that each Facebook share created 11 additional page views, and an additional $2.52 in revenue for the event organizer.

Now operating in over 175 countries, Eventbrite has issued updated numbers. Here’s what they found.

The amount of additional traffic attributable to social media shares, or visits per share:

  • Facebook: 14
  • Twitter: 33
  • LinkedIn: 10

The average value in increased sales (number of tickets sold), or dollars per share:

  • Facebook: $4.15
  • Twitter: $1.85
  • LinkedIn: $0.92

In other words, Twitter drives more traffic for Eventbrite, while Facebook increases sales.

Does that mean you should start focusing all your social media efforts on Facebook? Not necessarily. Your results may not mirror these exactly, and your business model is almost certainly different. If you’re not expecting an immediate sale to result from a customer’s first visit to your website, gathering more leads through increased traffic might be more effective for you.

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