Sitecore Online Marketing Suite

Sitecore Online Marketing SuiteSitecore Online Marketing Suite adds to Sitecore’s next-generation web content management software to provide simple yet extremely powerful tools to track online visitors and convert those visits into sales. In fact, it is a kind of self adjusting automated marketing tool, which gives marketing managers several advantages over their competition. Compare it with other similar products like Google Analytics or Omniture, and one can understand why Sitecore is both user-friendly as well as loaded with features that makes online marketing a breeze. 

Easy to Use

Sitecore Online Marketing Suite will analyze customer behavior and adjust web pages in real time to provide a more refined user experience, according to visitor browsing patterns. All this is done by utilizing GeoIP and global cookies so that managers can understand what prompted the visitor to access their website. Actually, this is just one of the many pioneering tools available in this software. 

Marketing Automation

Despite the complex mechanism of Sitecore technology, the software is very simple to operate. The automated technology allows marketing managers to adjust hundreds of parameters through a simple click on a user friendly interface. Perhaps, it is the simplicity of generating multiple complex commands that makes Sitecore stand out from its competitors. For example, after getting feedback from Sitecore, managers can click the check boxes to make the needed adjustments. Consequently, this real time site personalization offers immediate feedback on hundreds of visitors so that managers can activate other marketing channels to streamline their campaigns. The artificial intelligence of Sitecore then takes over to provide website visitors the content and features that they are looking for. 

Lead Generation

Sitecore Online Marketing Suite is developed to take commands and automate the process for marketing managers. Accordingly, this software is powerful enough to extract qualified leads from online visits and distribute those leads to the sales department. The ingenuity of Sitecore goes as far as to locate the Country, State, City and even the company name. The information is then disseminated to the authorized individual who can actually create multiple marketing segments based on complex user profile. All this can easily be done by a few mouse clicks. 

Marketing Strategies

Sitecore Online Marketing Suite understands website visitors and offers a simple solution for marketing managers to implement various strategies. The implementation strategies supported by Sitecore include usability enhancements, multivariate testing, A/B testing, messaging refinements, landing page optimization, segmentation targeting and campaign management. 

Sitecore goes beyond the ordinary marketing tools that are prevalent in the market. Whether it is CPM, CPC, Goolge Adwords, newsletter campaign or online ads, Sitecore ensures that marketing managers can get the required ROI by using only the most effective marketing strategies. This software will understand and help marketing managers to identify problems, measure performance, analyze campaigns and test the results. The real time intelligence makes sure that organizations can quickly discard useless marketing measures and instead focus on the most productive ones. In fact, the superior technology and immense reporting capabilities makes Sitecore Online Marketing Suite one of the most powerful marketing solution for medium and large corporations.

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