Flexing Our Digital Chops with the Sitecore Experience Award

Here at Delphic, we’ve been talking a lot lately about Customer Experience Marketing. It’s tough to do great digital marketing work without understanding it, and you certainly don’t want to engage in tactics like personalization or optimization without addressing it. Which is why you’ll find us constantly asking ourselves (and our clients), “Is this the best experience for the user? Are we speaking to them like they expect to be spoken to? Is this about us…or you – the user?”  

When these efforts are recognized outside of our Delphic universe, it’s even better – which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve won the 2015 Sitecore North America Contextual Intelligence Award for our work with Sunrise Senior Living on the Care Questionnaire!

The Sitecore Experience Awards is an international competition that honors Sitecore customers and their partners who deliver an outstanding experience for their customers and their own organization through Sitecore. Check out more information about the winners’ implementations here. We’re honored to partner with Sunrise and humbled to be listed amongst such stellar brands.

Knowing that our expertise with Sitecore is being recognized internationally is fantastic, and aligns with our agency’s focus over the past decade. In 2008, Delphic became one of the first Sitecore Certified Partners in the Philadelphia metro area, and last year, we were recognized as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. Each new success and contribution to the Sitecore community proves that Delphic doesn’t just work for client approval (although clearly important!) – we’re actively making a lasting impression with customers within the ever-evolving digital landscape.

MarTech & the Customer Experience

As a Sitecore Marketing Agency, we partner with clients to guide them in implementing the best marketing tools and data-driven strategies to create integrated marketing systems aligned with business goals.

A key component of these marketing systems is the use of Marketing Technology (MarTech).  Contextual Intelligence is a MarTech tool that utilizes real-time data to enhance the user experience – reaching the right person at the right time with the right message. For this project, we used MarTech to help.

MarTech & an Emotional Customer Experience

Users coming to SunriseSeniorLiving.com are often faced with an emotional decision – where to put Mom. They may be confused about senior care and have misconceptions about facilities. They need a starting point. User testing helped us recognize this need, and we built a Care Questionnaire to give people a way to get started with their research.

We then used MarTech to go beyond just serving that basic user need, and through Sitecore’s xDB, we offered up a more personalized experience when users interacted with the site after taking the Care Questionnaire. The results speak for themselves:

sunrise_experience_inline2 (1)

It’s this marriage – between Sitecore and a true understanding of Customer Experience – that we are all about here at Delphic. We live it, we breathe it, and now, we’ve been awarded for doing it. We’re so thankful to work with such great partners like Sunrise who allow us to push limits and flex our digital chops. Now on to the next Customer Experience enhancement!

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