Sitecore Bug Fixes for Roles Condition / Management

While working with Sitecore 7.5 (Initial Release) for my current client, I have come across a few confirmed bugs in Sitecore.  The bugs are related in that they both have to do with the Edit User Roles Dialog box. With the gracious help of Sitecore Support, I have some solutions to report as well. First, I should mention that my historical communication with Sitecore Support has been primarily positive, and I would recommend contacting them when you’ve got something you think is an issue. Second, I want to specifically thank Lilya and Michael from Sitecore Support for their help in pointing me towards, or directly resolving the following issues.

Issue # 1

The first issue I found was when trying to add Sitecore Roles to Sitecore Users.  I would edit my user, add a role through the Edit User Roles Dialog box and hit OK, but nothing would show up after the dialog closed.  My temporary workaround for this was simply to open up the Role Manager within Sitecore and add my user to the role (as opposed to adding the role to the user, which was what I was initially trying).  I moved on without hesitation since I had such a workaround – though, if I were working for a client who had more than a handful of users within Sitecore, my workaround may have been more painful.  A few weeks later, I ran into the same issue in a different spot though, and this time, there was no workaround.  This time, I was trying to create a condition on an Engagement Automation Plan using the “where the current user is a member of the specific role” condition, in conjunction with the Sitecore ECM (Email Campaign Manager) module.  This condition requires the Content Author to click on the word “specific” within the condition text and choose a Sitecore Role.  When clicking “specific”, the Edit User Roles dialog box opens.  Once again, I would add my desired role and click OK, only to see nothing happen.  This is the point I contacted Sitecore Support to report on what I was seeing.

Lilya, from Sitecore Support, quickly got back to me and let me know that what I was seeing was a known issue (apparently only in Chrome, which is the browser I was using).  She also told me that I could find the solution in the Sitecore Knowledge Base at this URL (KB Article #826753).  I can confirm that applying the fix from that article fixes both of the situations I ran into. 

Issue # 2

Once that issue was resolved, I ran into a second issue that had to do with my usage of the above condition within my Engagement Automation Plan.  While testing my plan, I wasn’t seeing any user that was enrolled move past the first state.  I once again submitted a ticket to Sitecore Support, and this time I had Michael help me out.  After narrowing the issue down to the condition itself (rather than the Engagement Automation Plan, which was my initial fear), Michael quickly determined that the issue was that the Sitecore.Context.User was not being properly set during the Engagement Automation Plan processing, and the condition I was using is dependent upon Sitecore.Context.User.  He quickly developed a patch that has passed initial QA and seems to be doing the trick.  I don’t believe that this has been released, but if you’re trying to use the “where the current user is a member of the specific role” condition in an Engagement Automation Plan and running into the same issue I was, you can ask Sitecore support about Sitecore.Support.380257, which is a DLL and a config file update.

Once again, I’d like to express my thanks to Sitecore Support for their timely attention to the issues brought before them.  My client will soon be launching a number of Marketing Automation campaigns powered by Sitecore and the ECM module, and without the fixes above, we wouldn’t have been able to proceed with that solution.

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