Show Us Your Snowmanship

What comes to mind when you think of the holidays? For me it’s mistletoe, hot apple cider (spiked!), jack frost nipping at my nose, twinkling lights illuminating the streets, and puppies jumping out of boxes. The holidays also mean getting creative and having fun with the family, and our team at Delphic is going to help you do just that.

Show Us Your Snowmanship


Get Creative This 2013 Season

We’ve created a snowflake cultureland that focuses on today’s trending topics and marries them with the spirit of the holidays by creating your very own pop culture snowflake.

How it Works

Visit and gently drift down the page (like a snowflake) while you reminisce on all things pop culture from 2013. Once you’ve finished giggling over Ron Burgundy’s mustache or Miley Cyrus’ tongue sticking out, it’s time to get down to it. Simply…

  • Select your flake
  • Print the PDF template
  • Fold and cut
  • Share and hang!

Don’t be Shy, Let’s See it!

When you’ve finished crafting, show us your snowmanship and share your pop cultureflake on social media with the hashtag #flakeorfluke.

We hope you enjoy this project at home with your family and friends as much as we did creating it.

To all of our clients and friends, thank you for a wonderful 2013 and have a crafty New Year!

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